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  lol, ok  I'll try it w/o the biasing and see what I think. Looked around for info, seems like 3.9 k will work and thats the same as on the 627. Yeah Eraser, let us know, there is a following for that 49xxx series, but it seems that the 4562 is the most favored, then again some swear by the 627. Chris J, you are mean, you have me perusing opamps again :)  Eh, cheaper than rolling tubes, so if you have any tube/hybrid amps and tube roll, please keep it to yourself, since...
@ Chris J, what value resistors did you use with the 4562? 
I tend to agree, especially in regards to how I can swap out amps and source and get a different soundstage from the 650's. I've only heard the 800's on two amps, an EF5 and a burson, and you get the amazing soundstage on the 800's that's unprecedented IMO, the Shure 1840 does sound great, but light bass, and lack of soundstage make it seem like a 300 dollar can to me. It is very detailed and refined, but I expected far better staging.      
Nah, just fast....... 4562 enroute, I just ordered it from Tam since a friend asked me to order an M Stage for him. I have had to wait at times from him, but he's been pretty good. It's just coolfungadget anyway.  IMO the M Stage beats out the Asgard all in all. Of course that's highly subjective, and the Asgard is a bit less grainy.  
Beat to the punch ^^^^  
I'll take a 4562 opamp off your hands, not sure you're looking to sell.  Shoot me a pm if you do, and I'll send the funds.  Maybe the output impedance of the M Stage is the problem with the D7k's? Trying this opamp is a very good idea IMO, hope it works for you!    
I can't say I blame you, I have several dac's, I never expect much from a machine audio wise.    
Haven't heard it, but the reviews are all good that I've seen, check out the review at 6moons, it's not just a sonic upgrade, but so much more, And I've wanted an Air for a while, I read about channel D first at the apple store online. It's getting near my B-day, nice excuse to get an Air. The review shows the myriad things it enables you to do, looks like Channel D is for me, I use MOG alot also for new music discovery.  I don't use flac either, apple lossless sounds...
  It figures you have a MacBook air to boot, my next computer purchase, do you have the Channel D Pure Music? I'm just tired of the heat and noise, and the Air being so light is just a bonus.    
Glad you think so highly of them, owning two pairs, I'd probably consider swapping a pair for your 800's :)    
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