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Must be ugly in person.
They're suppose to sound a fair bit better than the ZX600, which sound pretty good already given the price range. If the 55's indeed sound better, they're a big bargain.
The Vekter don't sound near as good as the top rated models in this thread, the Diamond Tears, however, compete very well with the best rated phones. Maybe very close to the HD 25's but the style might be too much for many.
Yes, and I'd advise spending closer to 200 as a minimum.
There is a giant thread on the M100's
These little cans sound pretty darn good for the 70 dollar price tag. An energetic and engaging sound, not too different from the Monster Diamond Tears I reviewed a while back in presentation. Sure, they fall short a bit in every category in comparison, but save for the red wires, they don't look like they're trying to grab attention.   While not having heavy bass, they will lose some of the targeted audience. I strongly like the balance of these little cans. Very...
Haven't had enough time with these to make any in depth comments, but I can say they look great, built pretty well, and would be a far better alternative to the beats solo.             
I'm not sure he didn't mean it's a lot to expect for the price. At any rate, I think the Q40 or the K181 are the best options.
Depends on what you want. Compared to the OE1, the OE2 has tighter bass and less bass quantity. It also doesn't have the lower treble spike of the OE1, The AE2 also has less bass along with two narrow areas it has dips in response, 50-80 hertz, and somewhere in the upper mids lower treble, it's a laid back sounding can. My wife likes them, Are you limiting yourself to bose?
You can disable the live tiles. Basically windows 8 can be set to look just like 7, but hey, different strokes.
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