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Hey guys. It looks like I will be attend my first meet. Please put me down with a +1 (my gf). I'll be bringing my FA-011 and FA-003 and an E9 and E10. Thanks!
Hey guys. Is there a way to reduce the clamping force? I can't wear these headphones for too long before it gets painful. I remember reading a solution but have been unable to locate it. Thanks!
I am interested in this as well. My pair came in from Frogbeats pretty quickly, but unfortunately one of the ears does not work. When I looked through the black mesh, I saw something similar to what you describe. I was hoping that maybe it is something I can fix. If possible, I would like to avoid sending it back and paying for shipping.   
I'm also interested! I am right by Georgetown Law in northwest DC.
  I'm in the same boat. I ordered the FA-011, FA-003, and a Fiio E10 to pair with my Fiio E9. Hopefully they all work well together.   I purchased the headphones from Frogbeats. David was unbelievably helpful and knowledgeable about the products. I'd highly recommend ordering from him!   Edit: Added Frogbeats
  FA-011 for  £80 at frogbeatz soon? That seems like a good deal. Hopefully it comes soon. I would much rather order from them!  
Thanks Justie!  
Thanks for the great review. I am sold and am about to buy this along with a pair of the FA-011. My understanding is that you can swap the cups to the wood editions FA-002w cups. Could anyone comment on what the process is and how difficult it is to swap to the wood edition cups? Can you switch back and forth without destroying anything? Thanks! 
Thanks for the replies guys. I will go for it. I am currently using a pair of Audio Technica ATH-AD900 with an Auzentech Prelude sound card (I know old school!) and a Fiio E9 amp. I have been pretty happy with them over the last year, but am ready to try new things. I have been looking at this pair and the FA-003s.  Hopefully, they both play nice with the Fiio E9.
Is everyone ordering from ga-audio base? This is my first time ordering from them and I am a bit hesitant. Thanks!
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