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Just saw this pop up on headfonia's facebook page. Man are they stunning! I agree the black finish could have been so much better looking. 
The Hakshop cable works quite well. However for me, it is a little too long for mobile use. No right angled connectors also didn't help.   The Venturecraft cable is not OTG and so probably won't work with many USB DAC amps. You might want to read up on this.
Sorry. I'm not looking for trades.
I'm really looking forward to hearing the 2ks. One of my only (very minor) issue with the 1K was I found the bass to be a little too much for my taste. But hearing the bass has been toned down makes me happy  
Hey @k186, thanks for that! edited out my post.
EDITED: Did not know about group buy rules on Head-fi.
Hello Head-fiers!   I am clearing out some of my stuff-   1. UltimateEars UE900.        In very good condition. I have all the accessories and original packaging. Price - $old   2. Parrot Zik        In very good condition. All accessories + original packaging. Price - $old   3. AKG K550        Very good condition. I got this when it first came out. I do not have the packaging, just the headphones. There is tiny scratch on the left gimbal as shown in one pic....
I can attest to the good fit for smaller ears....I had trouble with CIEMs (Heir 4A) but my SD2 fits like a glove.   I did have some slight discomfort in my right outer ear after about 3 hours of continuous usage.
Heir Audio 4.Ai Universal IEMs for sale. They are in excellent condition and come with all the accessories. The tips and cleaning kit are completely unused.   I'm expecting $old including shipping. Not interested in trades. Payment through paypal.
I decided to go for the SD2 after reading about SD3 bass oriented SQ. I got them a couple days ago. Fantastic build quality and they fit really well for a universal. I was apprehensive as I have smaller ears but they fit me very nicely.    The sound is....different. I have only heard them for a few hours but I'm not completely taken in by the SQ. I'm bad at describing sound signatures, but they sound a little veiled. Is this because of the massive sound stage? I'm coming...
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