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Yeah i am a bit of a bass boost freak. Apparently on the 2G & 3G only 3 bands work because of their processing power. You need a 3GS or 4G to have the 7 bands going.
Just an Update on the EQ thing.   The App "equalizer" from Tibor Horwath has been updated for ios4 to work on the fly with your songs on the iPhone or iPod Touch (you used to have to process the songs first).   Its a bit buggy on my iPod touch 2G, but it goes llike this.   Install the App to your iPhone. Open the App and add a song , album or playlist. Theoretically you get 7 parametric bands of which you can adjust freq: and Q and gain (although on the...
Price Drop !!!  $70
I am selling a Sansa Clip+ 2Gb Rockboxed with 16Gb microSd (class 4) card in Excellent Condition   Purchased 7th Sept 2010. I will include the original receipt for warranty purposes. I have had no issues with this Rockboxed Clip+. It is also a dual boot so by holding down the left key on powerup it will run the original Sansa firmware. I am selling it because the screen is too small for my 50yo eyes.   i am asking $75 aud (this includes Registered Post to...
Actually the  Acoustic & Hip Hop EQ are the only 2 i find useful with the RE-ZEROs, that extra bass does help. just a little 3 step slider for bass boost (like the walkmans) would be nice and less of a roll off in the bass would be ideal.
Bump - Price Drop
I A/B the M1 , M2 last weekend and its hard not to like the M1 at $29. I just ordered another.
Id recommend the Brainwavz M1s for under $30
No problems with MP4NATION. Ive ordered 3 times from them and received the items within about 2 weeks to Australia (free post and even got a tracking number).   I like the M2s. Very warm with plenty of bass and full mids. Highs have a little sparkle, but the signature focuses on the lows and mids.   Never tried the cx300s so cant really compare them.
I found the RE0s settled on their signature at about the 100 hour mark, but felt an increase in bass, slightly smoother mids and tamer highs at about 50 hrs.
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