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Yes it really sucks that everything "Sony" going to the EU is volume capped and even accessing the service menu (if it is possible) does not allow the volume too be uncapped or the DAC to be fiddled with (unlike the A82- & A72- series). Cowon has got around this by having a region setting. Sony has shot itself in the foot by policing the volume cap in this manner (at least in the EU anyway).
The EQ on the Walkmans win hands down over the iPods IMO. I have the A828, but have heard the X series (for me the SQ  difference didn't warrant me getting the X) The only way i get my Touch EQ to be comparable to the A828 is by using an 7 band parametric equalizer app from the App store. The Apps called "Equalizer" but it does have its drawbacks (being an App) and you must be running ios4 and a 3gs or 4g to get 7 bands. otherwise you only get 3 bands.
I feel the equalizer is the problem with the iPods. If it was a Touch or iPhone you could get the app "equalizer" (7 band parametric EQ app for 4g or 3gs or 3 band for 3g or 2g)
  Ive ordered 3 times from mp4nation and received the package free post and registered within 2 weeks to australia. Im quite happy with that service considering it "free post". Which site are you giving genuine criticism to mp4nation or hongkongpost as i received a tracking number within 2 days from mp4nation which to me means the items were posted and any delay from then on is hongkongpost delay and not mp4nation.
Maybe have a look at a review on the Brainwavz M2s They have a more warm signature with a good low end.
Good  Review i was quite disappointed with the S544. Like you said they felt very cheap and i didnt think the sound was on par with my A828.The A828 is built like a tank compared to the S544. I do agree the EQ with "clearbass" from the Walkmans are very usable.
x2 Great for the price. Not as warm or as much bass as my Brainwavz M2s, but better detail all the way thru the frequency range and more forward mids. I'm using my M2s with my iPod Touch 2G & Clip+ now as i think their warmth is a good match with these. I use the ZEROs with my Walkman because the "clearbass" really helps out the bottom end.
I use Mediamonkey too on my paralleled mac. So Mediamonkey runs on the windows side and syncs to the macs iTunes folder across parallels network. It just means when i want to put more songs on the Walkman i have to fire up parallels although nowadays im just as happy to drag and drop straight onto the walkman from the mac (doesn't always do the artwork this way though)
The M2s & M1s are way better than the M9s IMO (never tried the M6s, but i believe its the same driver as the M9)
Yes i have noticed reduced battery life, but i cant  give you any figures. Theres a fair bit of processing power for this app.
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