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I agree, even better value if you get them when on special. M2s are impressive too.
my favs are the meelec bi-flange over the small hifiman biflange. Also the large and mid size sony hybrid copies (from lostearbuds on ebay) Also i find cutting the 2nd flange of the stem of the hifiman large biflange works for me for a good seal.
Pretty much sums it up, except i have had no build issues with the RE0 or the RE-ZEROs. M2s build is also good. I had the RE0s for 8 months and chose to keep the ZEROs over them. i listen to both the M2 & ZEROs almost everyday. The warmth & bottom end of the M2s is nice, but they do lack a bit detail and highs of the ZEROs. The clarity and slightly forward mids of the ZEROs are to die for. IMO The mids is the area the ZEROs beat the RE0s. The RE0s extend a bit higher if...
I use "equalizer" with my 2G touch. It has 7 band parametric EQ, but on the 2G touch it only gives you 3 bands, but you have control over: freq, Q & gain. it allows you to choose songs, albums, artists or playlists and you can shuffle them too.
Your Welcome. It really sounded like clipping to me. Also the more you up your gain in EQ, the more precut you will need.
what if you turn down you precut in EQ ? does it make any difference. i have found the clip+ rockbox is a little grainy in the mids and with my RE-ZEROs which have forward mids, this can show up with some albums (although i wouldnt refer to it as buzzing). i prefer my brainwavz M2s with the clip+.
yes clip+ with rockbox will play aac files (itunes m4a) Everything is drag and drop with the clip+
I think owning a couple of iems is good is the signature is different enough. I have the RE-ZERO and M2 & M1 and the M2 still gets listened to everyday as well and the ZERO. They both have something the other one doesnt. M2 has warmth and bass emphasis. The ZERO have detail and forward mids.
IMO The clip+ Rockboxed is far more versatile in the EQ department. I have a 16Gb card in mine and the database feature works well for selecting albums or artists (save your database to ram) The only time the clip+ updates the library is when after you add new songs to it (not everytime you switch it on) I use a big font that gives me 2 lines to the screen. I dont know how the classic compares to the 2g touch in SQ, but i find the EQ on the touch very...
Thinksound Rains dont isolate very well (wooden body and ported front and back). RE0s and RE-ZEROs are better at isolation than the Rains and also have better detail throughout the freq range, however the Rains have more bass quantity (not a problem with the REs if you can bass boost them with your DAP. If you want something that isolates better again for traveling then i can suggest the klipsch X5, but they are probably out of your price range. Also the king of...
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