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Sony A828 (with service menu dac mod) >>> Sansa Clip+ (rockboxed) >>> iPod Touch 2G
Brainwavz M1s, pro alphas (slightly more bass like the M2s) or M2s if you can get them on special. Id choose the M1s over skullcandys anyday. Your young cousin may not find the bass adequate with the PL50s (i am assuming most young kids like bass)
Did you send an email or take out a "support ticket" ? They prefer support tickets. Ive contacted a few times and received replies within 2 days.
Clip+ rockboxed. Is there anything else for that price. I doubt it
No problems with Head-Direct. Ive bought RE0s & RE-ZEROs from them. Ive had no trouble with either. ZEROs drive easier and have more forward smooth mids. RE0s highs extend further than the ZEROs I prefer the ZEROs because i love my mids.
      I think i have you and your excellent reviews to thank for the choices i have made At least my choices after the koss plugs and and the skull candys (i only have myself to blame for those)
x2 Just restart it
i have the ex082 and although they are ok for stock buds, i couldn't put them in front of any of my other iems ive owned (except the M9s and my first iems koss "plugs". I feel the mids are far too recessed (the same reason i didnt like the M9s) I like my mids
I think the durability of flash may be better than hard drives, however the hard drives are higher capacity for lower cost. I'd still go flash everytime. Thats just my opinion.
Up until 2 days ago i had the M2 & M1 ( i also got the M1s presale with a $5 off voucher $24.95) after A / Bing them i felt they were too similar to keep them both. The M2 does have a bit more bass extension and are a bit warmer in the mids. Not much difference in the highs. Also the build of the M2 appears more solid. I kept the M2s.. I listen to the M2s as much as i listen to my $100 RE-ZEROs. M2s may not be analytically accurate like the ZEROs, but they...
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