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Ordered my RE0's today ($79 was too good to pass up). Im am very interested to see how these compare to my Klipsch X5s.
I dont have a hiss problem using the x5s with my walkman. the e5c is a dual driver earphone so it is possible the highs might be more accentuated thus producing more audible hiss from your player. The x5 is a single balanced armiture driver. The x5 still has a nice treble extension, but a dual driver or triple driver earphone can certainly accentuate those highs more, (sometimes annoyingly so)
Quote: Originally Posted by ucrags84 I am glad to hear you are enjoying your X5s. My portable setup also runs off a Sony DAP, I would be interested to know what frequency settings you used on the EQ bands to get to your desired listening level. I might try it out too, so far I've been using them on flat eq. Noise attenuation could be better, it's not bad. I've ordered some Shure Olives from Sound Earphones. They were the cheapest place I found, free...
I love the bass in the x5s. It is not boomy, but tight and defined due to the small armiture drivers. My last phones were skullcandy smokin buds and these are known to have good bass, but the bass lacked detail. The x5s are such a big step up from the smokin buds. As far as wind in the ears, unfortunately the x5s are prone to this, but maybe some foam tips may solve this problem for you. The x5s are quite microphonic with the leads, but i just wrap the lead over my ears...
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