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Im using "Equalizer" now with the 2G Touch and IMO I would put the SQ ahead of the clip+ rockboxed (which i felt added a harsh graininess to some vocals, particularly to mid centric iems like the re-zeros). I find the 3 band v2.11 is more stable on the 2G than the current 4 band v2.16. Of cause if you are using a 3gs or 4g you will get 7 bands. I agree with shigzeo about the app being puzzle like (almost like a game, but not)
certainly you will be pleasantly surprised with the M2s (or even the M1s) vs the apple buds. I recently gave a set of M1s to a friend of mine to try (she was using the standard applebuds) she was over the moon with the M1s. The M2s are a little step up from the M1s with a bit more bass and warmer mids. The M2s are really quite a fun IEM.
any EQ other than the iPod EQ has to be an improvement. Equalizer also has a pregain slider so you can beef up the bass without distortion.
i use an app called "equalizer" Its a 7 band parametric (4 band on 2G and 3G) It makes my 2G touch comparable to my walkman A828. Seems to be quite stable too.
The M2s are such a fun IEM for the price. I have the M2s and the re-zeros and they are both very different IEMs. They both get the same listening time from me. I have a feeling the M3s will probably give me something in between.    
Ive got the M2s(R03) and ive had the M9s. The M9s certainly aint an upgrade, but at $16 for the M6 their probably worth a listen, but an upgrade - maybe not.
i listen to some Enya from time to time and the warmth of the Brainwavz M2s make the experience quite amazing. if you dont want to spend $59 then i would say go Brainwavz M1 or proalpha (warmer like the M2s)
I got my PL50s from House of Dap when they had a special for $39. Good value at that price.
Compared to PL50s I would say the RE0s sound dryer in the mids. The PL50s are smoother in the mids, but the RE0s do have better detail and much better highs than the PL50s. If you want something like the RE0 with smoother more forward mids look at the RE-ZERO if that is in your price range. IMO the mids is the only area the PL50s shine , the RE0s and RE-ZEROs beat the PL50s in quality and detail in bass and highs. I would go as far to say the ZEROs beat the PL50s...
There are a few comparisons of RE0s to Xcape on this site. I haven't heard the Xcapes but i do prefer RE-ZEROs over the RE0s.
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