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Maybe thats the end of the "limited Edition' , Now they have TRS plugs.
They always arrive. Sometimes can take 3 weeks, but for free postage I can wait 3 weeks.
x2 Zeros win. More forward fluidy mids.
Klipsch X10 with the dual flange gels. These isolate dangerously well (like your in a bubble) Ive only had the X5s which I believe aint as warm as the x10s, but the isolation should be the same as the X10 which was excellent. Noticeably more than any other IEM I have owned.
Ive had the X5 for and they are quite comfortable, deep insertion and great isolation (a little dangerous if wearing when driving or walking were there are a lot cars). They are a little more microphonic than the RE0s and the strain relief is very thin and prone to  cracking. For a BA I feel they are a level above the PL50s, but I prefer dynamic drivers now so would not put them above the RE0 or RE-ZEROs. They do have a bit more bass quantity than the REs, but the REs...
This has become quite an interesting thread about EQ Apps and the updated title will probably bring more readers. If it wasn't for an EQ app "Equalizer" I'd be listening a lot less to my 2G Touch.
  Sounds like you got an old version of "Equalizer" I think from v2.10 on allows Equalizing on the fly with your iTunes library.
There is a way around capping by putting in a region setting or of cause by having the option in the service menu, but Sony is too either too STUBBORN or STUPID. There are still some A828s and A829s around in FS and Ebay
I cant be of much help for you on the LOD. I have one for my walkman to linein with my mac, but i very rarely use it. I run my IEMS and PX100 straight from the DAPs
Ive got a similar set of Daps, except i have a walkman A828 too. My clip+ rockboxed doesnt get much use anymore. I use the A828 for portability and great UI. I use 2G Touch with app "equalizer" when I can sit and just listen. I used to have the RE0s too, but now re-zeros are my favs followed closely by the brainwavz M2s
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