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Ive have the original PX100s and had the PX200 and IMO the PX100 had better bass. Also I couldnt get the litte cups of the PX200s to fit my ears well. The PX100s are no good for isolation though. Also Im not sure how the originals differ from the -IIs
  I found the RE0s and RE-ZEROs have reasonably good isolation with Sony Hybrids or the Bi Flanges supplied, but not so good with the single flanges. IMO they are better isolators than most of my previous IEMs except of course my klipsch x5s which were exceptional at isolation.
I agree with rawster both the ZEROs and the M2s are good value. I put the ZEROs as the best value, though I still have plenty of time to listen to my M2s.
If you like mids the RE-ZEROs really shine. The M2s are nice fun iems which are warmer and have more bass than the RE0s, but they lack a bit of detail compared to the RE0s and RE-ZEROs. Both the RE0 and RE-ZEROs respond quite well with bass boost. The ZEROs and the M2s are my 2 favourite IEMs at this time.
Certainly if you are ordering from the USA delivery should be fast as they now ship from the USA. Anybody else will have to wait for Hong Kong post. Ive had 3 orders with mp4nation and they always arrive to Australia in about 2 to 3 weeks (unless its a preorder). I'll buy from them again
I had my RE0s for 8 months before I got my RE_ZEROs and had no problems with them.If you wear them over the ear there should be no problem with microphonics. Also consider the RE_ZERO (i prefer it over theRE0 although they are both great IEMs  
The PL50s are very smooth in the mids. I couldnt get the bass i wanted from them. I would put my M2s above the PL50s, but they are quite different in sound signatures. I would say the PL50s are very smooth and easy to listen to and the M2s warm, full in bass and mids and fun.
The M2s are the better iem, but the M1 is great value and for the price imo the best in its price range of the iems i have tried. HOWEVER the M2 has a larger metal body and you may find it rubs on your ear unlike the M1.
I found the Rains isolated less than the RE0s or RE-ZEROs I think maybe because of the port front and back and the wooden body. The Hybrids will fit the Rains. As far as the seal as long as youve got the right tips. no problems.
Why dont you buy the M2 from mp4nation. I've bought 3 iems from them. Postage is free, but registered . but it can take 2 or 3 weeks.
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