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Im selling my RE-ZEROs. They were bought July 2010 and I have the original invoice I can include. These have done about 100 to 150 hrs and are in excellent condition. I will include the 2x balanced adaptors (inline and modular), the original tips plus a set of small and large tri flange tips. Please Note the large BiFlange original tip has has the 2nd Flange cut off (i found it better that way). All tips have been cleaned. I am selling them because I am finding...
50 hrs burnin makes a difference, 100 hrs is better.
Or RE-ZEROs if you want more forward sweeter mids
Its not just the tips. The Etys have a sealed body as well as well as deep insertion. Also look at the Klipsch X5s or X10s with the dual flange gels. Their great isolation IEMs too
You dont need to amp these IEMs.
I had the X5s for about 3 or 4 months. The sleeves are thin, but i treated them with kid gloves and had no issues. Some people have had issues with the sleeves cracking and so i was always very delicate when handling them and at one stage even put insulation tape around the sleeves. I have read somewhere that Klipsch replaces them under warranty for cracked sleeves, but you should check with Klipsch to confirm that. They are the best isolating IEMs i have owned...
No Probs. Although i also own a Rockboxed Clip+ and a 2G Touch(with Equalizer App) the A828 still gets the most use.
Good review. M2s are great value and a fun iem to listen to.
X5s isolate well with the Bi Flange gels. Im pretty sure the X10s use the same gels. Deep insertion and comfortable.
x2 Also a good way to spend your money
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