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it would be a shame if they dropped the ZERO after 1000. maybe they could do a standard edition with a 3.5mm stereo plug on it
If you want IEMs and can go another $9.50 and not Amazon I would suggest Brainwavz M1 $29.50 free shipping  
I should say Sony EX10 replacement tips. I get them from Ebay Shop lostearbuds They have 3 sizes to choose from  
I agree SQ and signature comes down to personal preferences. I try to avoid anything with harshness in the highs as this is a real turnoff for my tastes. A smooth sound signature & warmth in the mids is generally what i prefer. Hence my current lineup: ZEROs, M2, Rains. The reason i dont include the PL50 in this list is because although it is smooth as, the BA of the PL50 cannot come near producing the quality & impact of the bass of the dynamic drivers. Not...
ive been using clearbass & EQ on my walkman for ages and have had no issues with SQ (not to my ears anyway). I am a believer in EQing till i get the sound i like. Sometimes my clearbass is on 3, but mostly 2.
Foams dont work for my ears (cant get a seal) Tips that work for me are: - Sony Hybrids (fakes) - meelec M11 biflange (slightly smaller and softer than the small original biflange) - original large biflange with the larger flange cut off the stem (can make you look a bit like frankenstein). At the moment im favoring the hybrids
Good work with the 12 month warranty proedros. Also good to know it is not limited anymore as i really like my ZEROs
I would say both the sound nozzle hole and the port holes are the same as the RE0  
i had them both at the same time and sold the RE0s i had for 8 months.The mids are what appealed to me with the ZEROs. Great for vocals. The RE0s seemed a little dry in the mids by comparison.  
i bought 1 like this and when it came it was smaller than i expected.   if this is the same size, the RE0s fit, but you have to wind the cable pretty small. I never ended up using mine.   However the case that came with my PL50s was larger and more usable
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