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i wouldnt say RE0 bass is non existent, it just needs some boost. I'll 2nd the Brainwavz M2.
I thought the RE0 was quite a bit better than PL50. I couldnt get the bass impact from the BA of the PL50 and the highs of the PL50 are nowhere near as extended as the  RE0s. The mids of the PL50s are nice, but not as nice as my RE-ZEROs.   RE-ZEROs > RE0 > PL50  thats my opinion.
x2 I dont have any issue with the modular adapter on the clip+ or the Walkman.
I haven't heard the M6, but i have owned the M9 and the M1 is much better IMO. I now own the M2 and the M1 really isnt far behind that either. The Brainwavz IEMs are great value for SQ (even more when they are regularly on special)
I  am watching this thread anxiously
i can listen to almost anything on either. If im at home acoustic and vocal (Jack Johnson, Sarah Bareilles) really shine on the ZEROs. There mids are forward, detailed and smooth. The bass is very detailed on the ZEROs, but i do feel the need to bass boost them with my Walkman and my Rockboxed Clip+. The M2 are warmer and darker and are tamed a bit in the highs. If i am out with background noise i will primarily use the M2s because of their increased bass quantity,...
Im very happy with my ZEROs too and have had them for 3 months now. Great SQ for the $99. I have no issues with the bass either, but i do boost it. They are what they are - excellent IEMs
I enjoy both the RE-ZERO and the M2 because they are different from each other and both do their own thing well.
ZEROs at home were i can really appreciate them. M2s on the go when I need the extra bass because of background noise.
The M3 is a bit of an unknown at the moment both for SQ & fit, but reviews will be up soon.   $80 put you up to the RE0 as well. The M2 have more bass quantity and are warmer than the RE0s. The RE0s have better detail and more extended highs. Think of the RE0 as analytical and the M2 as not that accurate but fun.
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