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Nice review Mark. I still have and love my A828 even though it is a little hisser on Low Impedance. The v-jays are getting a good run on it now. Its a good match v-jays, short cord, walkman. Apparently everything coming from Sony to Europe and UK is volume limited. Absolutely crazy
Yes Mark, I think they are good value for the price.   "seanmo" Im not getting any bothersome microphonics (not like some of my past iems). I like the short cord as I always put my walkman in my top pocket and with the short cord i dont need a shirt clip. I found the pressure against my ears a little too much so i put the 2nd set of pads inside the first and that helps.
Just got my v-jays and out of the box they are very impressive. Brighter than the PX100s in mids and highs (they actually remind me of my RE-ZEROs or even the RE0s in this range) The Bass extends lower than the PX100s although the PX100s are darker and have more in the mid bass. I agree with Mark there is a slight high mid peak that can show up in some situations, but no sibilance. This is more noticeable when i listen to someone like Sara Bareilles. Im going to let these...
RE-ZEROs with the large Biflange tip with a flange cut off.  
did they look like these ? These used to make me look like frankenstein.    
Great Review Mark. Sold my RE-ZEROs and ordered the V-Jays. I am looking forward to comparing them to my PX100s.
Hi Audioforge. Good work with this App. It makes my 2G Touch enjoyable to listen to. Ive been very happy with version 2.13 of "Equalizer" it is very stable on the 2G Touch. I couldn't resist to try 2.25 though now it only runs the 3 bands, however every 2nd song it chops it up. If i hit pause and play it plays that song fine, but then the next song chops it up again (maybe its just the processing power). I really like the new interface, but Ive had to go back to...
SOLD !!!
Haven't tried the porta pros, but i'm happy with the px100s. I tend to think the px100 are a little warmer than neutral, but the highs are still quite crisp.
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