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Im very happy with Equalizer on my 3GS . It certainly come a long since the early days of this app.  
you should get your answers here   v-jays really are very good headphones
M1s have a little more bass. Zeros have a quite tight and detailed bass. If you liked the M1s the ZEROs are a step up in detail and the mids of the ZEROS are more forward which is great for vocals. I dont have my M1s or ZEROs anymore , but this is how I remember them.
Who hasnt had the koss plugs ? I had them too. M2s over the PL50s. More fun and much better bass.
The RE0s seemed dryer in the mids to me and the ZEROs more forward and fluid in the mids. The lows to me seemed pretty similar, both responded to EQ in the Lows. The RE0s extend higher, but could seem quite harsh to me at times. The ZEROs handles the highs nicely though. The magic is in the mids for the ZEROs. As far as detail, the RE0s may seem to have more detail in its extended highs, but because of the more forward mids of the ZEROs I felt the ZEROs...
x2 The best ive used  
 I think you should try some fake sony hybrids. Alot of members think hybrids are the best for the RE0 
I agree. With the A828 i can feel the buttons because they pertude from the body so when its in my pocket i dont have to take it out to select the next song or adjust volume or put the hold on.    
Ive had both RE0 and RE-ZEROs and i preferred the ZEROs on all my DAPs. The mids are more fluid and less dry than the RE0s IMO. The Walkmans "Clear Bass" really helps bring out the lower end of the ZEROs so if you can take it to a Sony shop try them on a walkman. The clip+ (rockboxed) also drives them well. If your getting the Fuze it would benefit to rockbox it. The iPod touch drives them nicely but i found an app like "equalizer" helps with the bottom end and also...
Interesting. I bought a meelec M3 tip set about a 10 months ago and the biflange was a little smaller and softer than the small RE0 biflange. maybe they've changed.   Ive used fake Sony Hybrids too and they work well too if you get the right size.  
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