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That's really not some kind of placebo - they are sound so much detailed and fuller. the clarity of the little details is amazing.
Could the STX II have a less better stock OPAMP?
Can anybody here please give attention on my ZXR post?
Can anybody PLEASE give attention to my post about STXII\ZXR?
This one too.
Eh, delete this one please.
So yeah, crazy me with my own STX II also buying ZXR for gaming. Just to plug it out with my DT 770, and holy-moly... those are WAY more detailed compares to my STX II. I mean, waaay more. I thought that STX II supposed to be the detailed and analytical one? The clarity, the natural sound, the details.  Question is, how can I go back to music with my STX II? No, the real question is what the heck?
Seems like nobody knows why headphones can be fried all of sudden...
bump :(
Also, is there any risk of it happening again on the same headphones?
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