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Nah, I hate IEM.  How is the sound leakeage of the DT770? I need a zero leakage like IEM. 
Thanks. actually, i'm now seriously considering the Senn 25-1 II as this guy said they are very closed. also in my budget. do I go wrong?
Thanks! I think I can manage as I sit far from the others + listen in not-too-high-volume. question is how much it's lousy? By the way, what are the main differences between PRO 750 and 900 and how big they are?
Eh, I might be having hard time getting in my country something rather then phones of Ultrasone, sennheiser, AKG, Beyer, etc'.   Actually, Ultrasone sounds good- I need a "fun sound" for listening in a day (I pull out my K701 for reference sound in nights when they all sleep ;) ). it's okay if they has alot of bass as long it's not too-bassy.
Hey. title say it all. I'm looking for a closed cans for music for listening to music in livingroom while people around (I hate it when people can hear what I listen to). so yeah, they must be completley closed. ZERO SOUND LEAKAGE just IEM alike.   My budget is up to 400$. I listen to every genre of music, and I'd like it to be natural and detailed as possible for closed cans in this budget. Also, i'd like them to have a bit of lows ("body" more like it) but not bass...
please? T_T
Hey 'fies! it's been a long time. I've been working hard but never forgot my biggest love: good sound. AKA- my K701. Problem is, my K701 which I've got nearly 2009 got broken a bit. just physiclly. i'll spare my words for a proper pictures: As you can see, the 'phones band is good being called finished... no way to fix the band itself.  it seems like I'll have to replace the entire band. problem is...
^ what source?
They are not better than K701. what I've forgot to mention back then that is my K701 are not proper-amped at all, and comparing to them in it's state, the SS reveal a little more details. my K701 are only powered by the STX amp, which also has only stock op-amps. I bet that when the K701 are plugged in to a proper amp, no headphones around can beat them in the aspects of details.
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