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I see. thanks!
Yeah, I know, but how it's different in those cable terms? will I get only one side of the phones work with the mono cable or something?
thank you, what are the diffrences to the other one?
It's really important to me so I worry. I will use this cable regulary, so I don't want quality reduction
I want to use 1\4 6.5" extended cable from my sound card headphones output to my desk, so I can switch headphones in more comfortable way. will a cable extension, let's say, this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/290830509491?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT impact my headphones sound quality? Thanks.
I had a theard about it, when I even stated that there was some improvment - either it was a placebo or it's not good enough after listening to my DT990 250OHM (which has the best sound I've ever heard)   My new DT770 80ohm (brand-new, bought them before 3 weeks. listening time is about 30 hours at the moment I guess?) has a very hard to listen sound.  It makes me wonder how they are in the same line with DT990, which has amazing sound to my liking.   What's the...
Update 1#: Since the day I've got the phones\this thread opening I didn't really listen to DT770 so much because they made my ears bleed out of harshness, could'nt even burn them in on-the-go. I even thought about returning them and get something else.   But yesterday night I tried to give them a proper chance they deserve, even if I'm not sure burning-in is a real thing.  I made a playlist full of songs who repeats itself each time it ends, placed the headphones on...
Just got my hands on my new DT770Pro 80OHM, along with my also-new (6 months) DT990Pro 250OHM. Plugging in to my STX, Highest gain.   The sound, eh...  It is Beyer DT sound, indeed. but they are dead-pale bright and the bass is shallow and so distorted (tried lower gain, no differences).  Sound is too harash to listen. I have to turn the volume down... Now, the intersting point is... this is exactly how my DT990 sounded out of the box (of course with a better...
Okay, here they are. no replacment needed, nor any regrets involved. Those are the most isolated cans I ever heard. let alone without any music, just on my head I can't hear anything happening outside.   And, yeah. the sound leakage on a dead-silent room is so hard to spot, even on extremly-high volume, so outdoor use won't be any trouble.   I should have ordered the 770 PRO version :)
I hate in-ear headphones, I tried the quality ones of them and they are really pain in the ear (\ass). I hope 770 are good enough to isolate sound leakage...
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