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Finally, I'm on setting a new little home studio, and I'm looking for the "choosen headphones" for the mixing. what's really important in mixing for me is details.  I'm now possessing a two primary cans, amping only by STX (stock op-amps) - K701 and a brand new DT990 PRO.    Question is, which of both (only both - not intended to buy another cans) will do the best in details connected to an external amp? right now, head-to-head, DT990 are a way more detailed and...
Hey, I'm having a brand new Creative ZXR on it's way as my 2nd sound card for gaming and movies. What would be the best mods (op-amps) for ZXR to fit 990PRO 250ohm the best? (I could use more bass without spoil the soundstage and details). or maybe ZXR as stock op-amps is good enough? Thanks!
Hey people, what's the exact differences between the original STX and the new STX II? also in terms of sound of course. is it worth upgrade (I can use 2nd card anyway)?
Update- it gets better with the hours (about 30+ now). bass has less distortion and more presence just where it has to be. touh still over brighty, starting to think that burn-in won't help here.
How do I test my STX to locate any hardware problem?
But hey, turning the highs a bit down (about -2~3 db) won't ruin the details? is this EQ good enough? by the way, is it possible anyhow to connect an amp to the headphones jack? I can do it in normal gain and very low volume, let's say.
This is really not convinient to plug and unplug everytime... Anyway, about 20 hours: I can clearly hear more bass and impact - the cans are "shaking" on rich low-end recordings, but it's still has this distortion. the treble is still too extended. rock\metal is unbearable and you can hear that "s" effect on other recordings. but I'm still waiting until I judge those as 20 hours of burn-in might not be enough.   Btw, could be that STX isn't getting enough power from my...
Dolby headphones features can only be used through the headphones amped jack.
because once again, I need a dolby headphones feature.
Do you think that swipping my op-amps on my STX will help? Also, in the future I'm going to buy Creative ZXR for my 2nd Sound Card and it will drive those instead of the STX. any thoughts?
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