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 1. Boredom, that's the only real reason. I'm not looking for any real gains/improvements; I paid $160 for the X1's, I got the itch to use my soldering iron, and I happen to have a mini xlr's sitting around. 2. Haven't put much thought into it yet, but I'm open to suggestions.  I'll order a few different pair to see If I can make them work.
I got bored, so......   Let The Modding Began   Pad Removal:   The process is fairly simple. Choose an area of the pad (I started by the mini jack) and slowly apply upward pulling the pad away from the driver. Depending on the amount of glue applied to the easily damaged tabs on the driver housing, you may want to use an exacto knife to cut away some of the fabric material that stuck to them as you work you way around the pad.         If you are not careful...
After ten years of toiling in this financially ruinous upgrade cycle we call a hobby, I've decided that it's time to end the game for an extended period of time. I currently have my eyes on two amps, but I've hit a road block when comes to choosing between going to tube or solid state route. The amps in question are:   The Apex Pinnacle   The Cavalli Liquid Gold:   The amp will hopefully fill a dual role as a pre-amp in my speaker system. So can anyone that has...
Working and living 3rd world countries happened. I'm rather hard on my portable gear....
To the shell. Sorry, I just noticed that the pictures of my fitear's current state didn't post.
 I've had my set since April 2012.New: 2 years, 4 cables, and a couple of superglue repairs later:
 I'm off the stats for the time being; the only one I kept from my collection is the SR-002. It sounds like the Abyss willing partnering my LCD-3's in filling the 2 orthodynamic MVP slots in the consolidated collection.
 Is the Abyss really that good? I'm in the process of putting together my 10 year end game rig (based around an Apex Pinnacle) and it's sort of a toss up when it comes to the ortho category.
Ha, you fell victim to the k3003 tour. It's ok, I still feel the same way about them despite being on my third pair after 21 months of ownership. They are my go to for anything acoustic.
Dear Sony,      
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