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 Well yes, this is the only config that would make sense...
Can someone post a link to the T.H.E. show thread with the pics of the Wyrd etc., I can't seem to find it. Found a 2014 THE show thread but no pics.
Count me as one of the first-in-line for Wyrd.   Schiit continues to surprise and amaze me with their ability to adeptly know their particular audience, and, in this case, their potential audience. Head-Fi'ers and other Schiit Heads are not particularly cable/tweak/power conditioning friendly typically (that is to say, they're a bit hostile), so to come out with a product like this without any mumbo jumbo and no claim to sonics is just fantastic from a marketing...
  Very interesting. I have a Olimex ADuM4160 isolator that I still used between another, older adaptive USB 1.1 DAC (Keces DA-151) to good result, but it's never played well, as you mentioned, with my Bifrost's first gen USB board. Either no sound or a loud screeching. I have the Uber Analog board installed, but have waited on the USB gen 2 board, partially because there's such a dearth or information about it in terms of user experience and SQ improvement relative to the...
  Yes, actually, just some Vibrapod model 5's. Helped things marginally.
yep. it just gets better and better. i've done a ton of windows tweaks lately and the uber bifrost is revealing of literally any change i make to it. i can change isolation feet, cables, audio settings, whatever, and bifrost (and uber bifrost) will give me results. h8rs gonna h8 but bifrost, especially uber bifrost, is one of the best hifi deals just for how transparent it is.  
It's my understanding that the USB Gen 2 upgrade comes standard with all newly ordered Bifrosts and Gungnirs, whereas (for the Bifrost), the Uber Analog does not and is an optional addition/upgrade.
The idea of keeping it on is to encourage "burn-in" - which is controversial around these parts, but I heard in my own Bifrost.   In any event, it's safe to keep the unit on - yes, it gets hot, but it gets hot because the chassis itself acts as the unit's heatsink, so it just means the chassis is doing its job.
I have never found the older non-Uber Bifrost or the Uber Bifrost fatiguing, and I'm experienced real fatigue in other setups so I know what to look for. The non-Uber Bifrost, at first blush, did have a bit of a lean toward the higher frequencies and some even described it as "bright," but after burn-in it mellowed out for most people (including me). The Uber I haven't found to be shifted toward the high frequencies at all, if anything it added more punch and heft to...
AiDee, exactly.   Nothing ventured, nothing gained, etc.  
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