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I seem to recall someone also tried a cotton + cork pieces thing (think fruit in jello kinda thing).
I seem to recall a while ago someone using corkboard sheets. Don't remember what become of that though.
 I thought that was a telephone cord before I scrolled down... (for the kids out there, yes phones used to have cords... connected to big giant boxes with a dial instead of keypad).
A Sextett and a Bottlehead Crack were my go-to pairing for the longest time (until I went to the darkside with orthos...).
That's a very broad statement to make... Do you have other reference points? What other speakers and headphones have you listened to?   Speaking in a very very general sense, headphones will not offer that visceral punch and staging of speakers, but finer details may be more noticeable and the sound while "in your head" might make the staging seem like you're on the stage rather than in front of it (where the mic was placed for recording makes a huge difference here; as...
Granted, my mother is just computer savvy enough to ask for my help when... "I can't find the google in my mozarella" (I'll give you a second to figure that one out).
  All wrapped in black... four at a time... wait wut?  
My mother once jammed a 1/8" plug into the usb port on the front of her computer. Her response... "isn't it supposed to be universal"?
Or better yet, have someone else double check.
 Technically XLR is like DIN since the latter is older... but tomayto tomahto.
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