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The nitrogen cooling and oxygen deprivation can both be risky and expensive to implement. It is far more effective (and cheaper) to indulge in recreational imbibements to enhance your listening experience. As a bonus, different imbibements will result in different perceptions of sound, so feel free to experiment. Don't combine too many at once though. Cheers!
I've spent time in an anechoic chamber... It gets freaky in there. Like, the sound of your breathing will drive you mad... and if you learn to slow that down enough, your own heartbeat and swirling of blood in your head is trippy.
That or just regular straws cut in half lengthwise.   Although I wonder if a "fazor" would be effective considering the larger openings of the Fostex driver vs the narrower slits in the Hifimans and Audezes which is what causes those uneven wave fronts in the first place.   On my modded HE-6, I have felt and other damping in front of the driver which effectively flattens/averages out any wavefront coming from the driver (though with a touch of smear, which isn't...
 Juryrig a fazor from straw halves?
 Unfortunately I have no experience with the Wyrd, so I cannot offer any opinion on that. I've heard good things about the Wyrd+Modi combo though, but that isn't exactly portable like you said. My primary (and also portable) dac right now is an Echo Audio Echo2 USB (lousy confusing name). It was only out for a short time and is discontinued now, but you can still find them on ebay around your budget range.
You can try sending a pm to aqsw (Jim) who has a Lyr 1.   I don't know of anyone else locally who has a Valhalla or Lyr...   I haven't heard the 400i, but I did have the 560 for a little while and thought it was an excellent headphone only a smidge down from the HE-6.
I'd almost consider it for trading fodder, but the vintage ortho scene has slowed down lately (unless you count the eastern European countries, but shipping anything there kills value).
 "C'est la guerre" ?
 Nah, far too messy. A simple contact cement will be much easier to work with. Or just head on down to the nearest Toys'R'Us and grab a sparkle gun kit.
Because y'all be crazy?
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