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Geez, seems I missed a bunch of you guys today. I did wind up chatting with a few random guys and telling them about our meet Nov 11th, so hopefully we'll get some new faces.   I actually thought both Focal headphones were quite comfortable. My brief impressions would indeed put the 1000v2 above the Elear, though while my above post said the Elear was airy sounding, I think the 1000v2 is even moreso. Not necessarily in a bad way, just simply is.   The Focals strike me...
p.s. for anyone going to Advance tonight/tomorrow, if you meet other keen people feel free to tell them about our upcoming meet and collect an email address for me. The more the merrier!
The Stax 009 was run off one of their own amps, I forget the number (maybe the 007 amp? it gets confusing when the numbers are all the same).   I liked the 1000v2, and they are super comfy. I felt they had an airier sound compared to the HE-6, but the HE-6 carries more grunt in the lower end. I had my HE-6 in the car but didn't want to haul the whole thing out. At least they were running them out of the 430HA so there was good amping behind it.   I really wish they had...
Also, yes we are still planning on the meet for Nov 11th. But other than that we don't have any solid details.
Ugh, got a parking ticket today in front of Advance. You can't park on the street at 3:30pm and they nailed me literally just minutes after   All that just to bring you guys these impressions...   (in brief for now; I'll write more later)   Focal Elear: good tonal balance, smooth, airy but not as much as HD800, gentle rolloff at both ends   Focal Utopia - brighter than Elear, slightly tizzy?, ever so slightly more resolving but that could be due to tonal balance...
I was thinking to go this afternoon. @Velomane do you have a time in mind?
Holy moley a $7k headamp...
You moving up to full sized floorstanders now?
Hah, almost! I don't have enough for an arena show... but I could do a small concert in a gym. I have enough gear to set up a show for a 5-7 piece band.
Did you ever see the ridiculous PA setup that I had in the basement? The speakers are 90lb each, bi-amped with a couple Brystons. I've used that for bands to fill a small auditorium.
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