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With virtually every headphone out there, the gain is more than enough... but I'm one of those nuts with an HE-6
I saw one in a showroom the other day and the silver was a little bland. I think all black would look much nicer.
It's a wireless internal body heat activated switch that can't be taken orally.
The HA-200 in balanced mode in theory puts out 8W max (into 64ohms), but assuming a standard dac source with 2V output then we need an x11.3 gain to get there, and it only has x3.2. I don't know of any dac that puts out a high enough level to get there, so this would necessitate a preamp of some sort. *shrug* Even just doubling the gain on the HA-200 would have given it a lot more punch.
Oh that's fine, everyone's entitled to their opinions.   I always felt the HA-200 gain was too low. All that potential power on tap, but you can't access it with standard output sources, which unfortunately chokes the dynamics. One of the pairings I enjoyed most was the Yulong DA8 which feeds a very hot signal and really lets the HA-200 play with its full range of power.   Fortunately for me I am a very low level listener (mostly at night as well).
Sorry to hear that man. Hopefully I've used up enough of the bad luck around here that you don't get the "bad luck comes in threes" thing.   Sucks about the gf, but if that's her attitude at a time when you need support, then you're better off without that in your life.   I hope your father's passing will be peaceful. Prayers be with you.
What were your impressions from the comparison?
Man, first my grandpa passed away, then my HE-6 breaks, then my monoblocks break, the roof leaks, washer breaks, find bedbugs in the house, and now I just put my dog down the other day. 2015 has been a rough year so far...   edit: semi-fixed the HE-6, roof is patched, washer replaced, and the exterminator was called, by my amps are still out of commission
Here: Though you could probably have an in with your audio360 group.
 How peculiar... it would be more apt to say fitted, but not tight.
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