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The ESW9 are definitely on-ear and significantly smaller than the K702.
 In the absence of anything else, the feedback system is a decent gauge for putting people on the loaner program as it has established a certain level of trustworthiness in the community. A name & address aren't really binding in any legal way. The "proper" method would be a bunch of verified/notarized paperwork etc which is a lot of hassle and grinds the process to a halt.
That is mind-boggling how much modding went into that. Is that a cork-like material inserted between the magnets? You appear to be blocking some of the holes in the driver itself. And I find it curious that for all the crazy damping in the cup and surrounding the driver, there doesn't appear to be any on the ear-side under the pad?
I'm still waiting for one of you guys to start experimenting with different knitting patterns to stuff material into the cups...
   An 8-strand round braid is relatively easy. A bit of masking tape with numbers is a good way to keep track in case you goof up. A double-milloit on the other hand takes a bit more trickery and a lot of time...   asdf  
 Did you make a template from one of those wooden kits?
 Don't be silly Jason... it's much more efficient to use green wax:
 Actually, you just have to stack the chips on top of each other and solder bridge the connections. Easy peasy, and it goes up in multiples. The only limitation after that is heat and chassis clearance.   Nah man, quadraphonic is the way to go.  
 So buy the mk1 Loki and replace the chip yourself. Problem solved!
I'll sell mine for $2k
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