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I once jumped out of a plane on a first date...
 I meant in the sense that yes some of the technobable is correct, but it doesn't exactly apply in any relevant way... but much of the marketing these days is savvy enough to present some scientific factoids, then present the product with some feature that happens to use the same buzzwords (in a different technical utilization, but shh they won't tell you that), then let the reader draw a line connecting two dots that don't actually exist.
Any thoughts on those LDR attenuators? (I don't know much about them, but my edumacated brain feels like a resistive element that changes based on something as fickle as light would be really noisy and inconsistent... but having no actual experience on the matter I should bite my tongue).
 You've got the right idea in the bolded part there, sorta. There's a schiitton of pseudoscience tossed about and I want to be careful not to get dragged into "sound science"... but here's a overview: - a lof of the ideas of differential scattering (ie: different frequencies will diffract at different angles, thus take longer/shorter paths to the destination) are valid... but do sorta require that the impediments in question are within an order of magnitude of the...
That's an impressive first post... especially considering you signed up nearly 5 years ago
 Aren't a lot of "audio-taper" pots actually just two linear regions stitched together to crudely approximate the log profile?
 I'm a bit of a square like that
Are you thinking of the Zinken?
 Only in pairs...
 Imaginary numbers are voodoo! Ultimately, I blame Tesla for all this ridiculous AC nonsense. (not too sure who I get to blame for the backwards pos/neg sign convention when dealing with electron flow)
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