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 If people are interested, I could host another one.
 I thought I read 1.3k somewhere?... don't quote me on that though.
Because ultimately it is not a terribly great performer. Just because you can alter bass response on the fly doesn't make something sound better. Now if it had better drivers and some damping inside, it could be a different story.
I'd feel better about that if the guy had some feedback, nevermind that he registered just today...
Holy moly rare as hen's teeth... http://www.head-fi.org/t/782537/ic-yamaha-yh-5m-ortho-earphone   Like... incredibly stupidly rare.
 Plumber's putty is cheap and non-sticky and should do the trick as well.
 Wow, hope you have a good trip man!!
 Much better to build the man cave first, then add your toys later right?
 In a pinch, you can also use the soldering iron on the heat shrink. Just don't use the actual tip as solder can sometime stick. Lightly tapping with the barrel a few times should be enough. It's certainly not the recommended method, but perhaps better than using a bbq...
 That is correct.
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