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What were your impressions from the comparison?
Man, first my grandpa passed away, then my HE-6 breaks, then my monoblocks break, the roof leaks, washer breaks, find bedbugs in the house, and now I just put my dog down the other day. 2015 has been a rough year so far...   edit: semi-fixed the HE-6, roof is patched, washer replaced, and the exterminator was called, by my amps are still out of commission
Here: Though you could probably have an in with your audio360 group.
 How peculiar... it would be more apt to say fitted, but not tight.
Oh I've heard much better than the Vali, but those all cost more and take up more desk space. I'm just saying that for $120 and such a small footprint, I think the Vali is impressive.
Further thoughts on the HE-6 with the Schiit Vali: - groovy sound, involving though not particularly articulate - has a soft touch - it does runs out of steam, although at my typical listening levels this is really a non-issue (I have to push to uncomfortable levels before noticeable clipping) - the tube ringing is still audible - for such a tiny amp at $120 usd, I'm impressed at what it can do with the HE-6
A friend of mine has very graciously lent me his HA-200 pair (he got them after hearing my setup, but has since then moved onto a beastly 50lb speaker amp). I still don't know what I'll do for eventual replacement. I might just move back to my old Nuforce stack (HDP/Icon2/LPS stack). At the moment I'm actually experimenting driving my HE-6 with a Schiit Vali. It's not in the same league, but I'm impressed what that little amp can do.
Haha, powering my HE-6 with a Vali right now and am pleasantly suprised.
Haha, I just signed up on that too. That'd be 4 Winnipeggers if we all get a turn
I'm interested in the Canadian tour. I agree to all terms and conditions, etc. I was also on the PM-1 tour and wrote a review. If possible, also please send a compatible balanced cable.   Bonus: I'm in the same city as q2klepto/aqsw/awah, so we can just hand it around.
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