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And now I've got a NAD HP50 and Etymotic ER4p in my hands. How does this even happen? I barely even use iems for goodness sake!
 I think I saw a movie that started this way. No wait, I mean... uh, nevermind.
Well... even a regular COP for $125 is pretty good.
If you found it in a local store, that would certainly seem to indicate that it is now available. You should buy it and let us know how it sounds! What's the retail cost? I hope they did more than just change the driver and stick different accessories in the box.
 One of my colleagues did something very similar actually. Fortunately, the lab is all concrete and stainless steel so no painting was required. The guy didn't even get in that much trouble afterwards. But geez, I go and leave a capped steel pipe next to the acid jugs and suddenly I'm being read the riot act.   Sorry, we melted the camera. Maybe next time
 Fair point on the pricing... though considering that I have an HDP with the fully upgraded LPS power supply maybe I'm not one to talk  Wolfgang no longer works for Nuforce. Try contacting Mod Liao:   Personally I do not feel the uDac3 is a big enough jump to warrant the purchase if you already have a uDac2.
I think it actually follows a 2^(n-1) progression, so it gets exponentially worse the larger the group. On the plus side, at least we're not dealing with permutations and factorials
I've been tempted to try out the Schiit Wyrd with my usb dacs for just that reason...
Bose by Dre?
You can only have that kind of fun once... then you need a new building
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