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Practically new-in-box W4S DAC1. It's actually taped up in the box right now, but I can crack it open if someone really insists on pictures. Comes with manual and usb cable, but did not come with a power cord (standard IEC cord, I'm sure you've got a dozen of them lying around somewhere).   Open to anything interesting for trades.   Shipping from Canada.
Grr. It's just super frustrating since I traded with a dealer so he's got useable stuff to sell but all my funds are in limbo.
Do you wear glasses? I find some on-ears pinch my ears down on the frame which causes discomfort very quickly. Have you tried any over-ear headphones before?
The X2 is an excellent headphone. You're venturing into HD600/650 territory there, though with the X2 trading some mid/upper level refinement for extra bass response.
I used to have the e10 (don't remember if it was the k version or not) but have not compared them directly. From memory though, the FiiO is a nice piece of kit for the price but I'd put it along the lines of the uDac1. The uDSD is really a step up.
It's been over a month since the whole Stax deal and still nothing at all from Canadapost. Apparently the adjuster handling the claim has been on vacation and didn't forward the papers to anyone else to look at. Argh...
Ah whoops, yeah it makes more sense that it's also a spdif bridge.
I haven't used this particular device, but based on my experience with similar dacs, yes it draws power from usb but should switches over when optical is used (this may require stopping any music that is currently playing through usb though).
This was my very very ghetto solution to raising my components to get more air cooling...       Cut up egg carton (also tried toilet paper rolls)
Hey guys, more review tours to sign up for...
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