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Oh I just noticed the MM500-X is a bluetooth headphone (for some reason I thought it was one of the gaming headsets). Ok so wireless throws a wrench into the whole thing, because it might simply be the bluetooth itself which is causing the "pressure" feeling.   In general though, if choosing between the DT770 or DT880 and if isolation is not a concern, the 880 wins my vote.
You'll need to tell us more specifically about how you "tire" of the MM500's. Is it the clamping  pressure? Do you feel like the high frequencies are pressing in on your head? Or perhaps it's the lower frequencies that are feeling overpowered? does it make you feel claustrophobic or pressured? is it heat/sweat?
 I could see there being a fixed set of XLR and RCA outputs, but it doesn't really make sense to have multiples of each. Just get some splitter cables (split pyst?)
 Hey now, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...
 You mean you want to crimp/clamp the wire down? tweezers or even a coin or butter knife against a table would do. If the jack doesn't have one built in, um, just tape I suppose.  
Sensitivity tells you how loud it will get per mW. The headphone spec sheet gives you ## dB/mW, which actually means strictly at *1* mW. For every doubling of power, add +3 dB. So for example if your headphone sensitivity is 102 dB at 1mW, then you will need 64mW to reach 120 dB.   Calculate your voltage requirements from P = V^2/R   Some amps might have voltage or current limits, which are different from power. There are other more complex things like amplifier...
Roen, you have a grave misunderstanding on what the specs actually mean.   Headphone impedance does NOT determine how loud it can get. What you're looking for is the "sensitivity" (sometimes mislabeled as the "efficiency"). This is expressed as a certain ## dB/mW. Alternatively, some places like Innerfidelity will list the mW required to reach a set dB level. The sensitivity of the HE-6 is extremely low (arguably the lowest of all headphones), meaning it needs...
I would assume that it's a standard measure at 32 or 16 ohms, but you'll have to ask @jasonl. I was able to drive my Fostex T50rp to max volume without clipping, if that means anything to you.   You'll have to take the claims of future proofing with a grain of salt as well. *Nothing* is future proof. The entire audio landscape changes so quickly, especially in digital.
I don't know offhand... but seriously man, why does it matter? if you're driving iems, this should be a non-issue.   You're making mountains out of molehills, and this is coming from a guy who used to run his headphones off monoblock speaker amps.
I don't think you realize how much power that is for an iem... take something like the Shure SE215 which has a sensitivity of 107dB/mW. You're already at painfully loud levels with a single mW. Maxing it out will actually put you at risk for hearing damage.
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