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Put some heat shrink on those barrels!   OR   Just pull the wires out of the bananas and insert directly into the spring clips.
Well if you shove DC across a standard bridge rectifier, only one half of the rectifier ever gets used and it effectively doesn't change much from the input. Filter caps don't do much since it's already DC. Voltage regulators will drop it to whatever level it's supposed to be. There may or may not be an issue here if they require a certain amount of voltage headroom, but I dunno. That all said, I'm just talking about a very general textbook power supply. I have no idea...
Convective usually means natural convection... ie: no fan.
I can't give any useful comparisons... We clearly hear things differently if I think the 430HA was one of the best that I've heard and you didn't like it.   Just buy something cheap on the used market that you can resell with minimal loss. The Mini-X is an easy sell in that regard. Or maybe that new Fusion amp that replaced it. Or just hit up a pawn shop or garage sale, find the heaviest speaker amp in your budget and run with it.
I've never tried the SLA-2 with an HE-6... but in any event it has a rather noisy fan. Not exactly the best for home listening unless you can stash it under the table or something (and why the SLA2 when the SLA1 is much cheaper?) If going with proaudio amps, try to find a convective-cooled one. The Bryston 2B and Crown D-45 and D-75A are both the same size, with the Crown being a lot cheaper (lately it's been going for around $100)   I thought the 430HA had a lot of...
In the $200ish range, I would rather go with a compact class D amp. I have and still use a Nuforce Icon2 amp, which at the size of a book and with a built in dac is pretty hard to beat. I've also tried it with a Topping amp (can't remember the exact model; they all look alike) and felt it was respectable. Heck, you could probably find a used Musical Paradise MP-301 somewhere in that price range for some tubey silliness. For $300 you could probably find a used Bryston 2B...
I seriously do not understand how the Mini-X got so popular and why it keeps getting recommended. One guy makes a thread about it and it spirals out of control. The Mini-X may be a great bargain of a speaker amp, and it does a nice job hooked up to a stax transformer, but it is underwhelming with the HE-6.
 "I can only offer who I am as a person. I am well educated and well spoken. I enjoy the symphony and theatre, or just sitting around with leftover pizza and a Netflix marathon. I can be a fellow adventurer, a sous-chef, a dance partner, a father. I cherish my family and friends, and would love to share in that with somebody. I can offer all these things, but if you need to ask for the size of my wallet before the size of my heart, then I am a pauper."
Is it actual grease/oil, or is it a sticky film residue?   Sometimes some dirt/cornstarch dabbled on will help dry/gunk up whatever the stuff is, then you can scratch it off with a fingernail or piece of plastic.
You would simply connect the RCA outputs of the uDSD to your desktop amp.   Although I want to note the misconception here... impedance is not the determining factor in needing an amp. The sensitivity (expressed as dB @ 1mW) is the more important number.   Do you *feel* that the DT880 is underpowered from the uDSD? Many people get carried away just looking at numbers without really listening first.
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