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Guys guys! I found Elvis... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7Qo74_L3vo
 If you have any part of the tour coming through Canada, then I'd be interested. Mr Grandberg can vouch for my credentials.
 Geez all you guys with closed cans. He's looking for open backed at the moment.
   Speaking as a Canadian who occasionally sees bits and pieces of your political circus drama, are... are you guys ok? Do you need a hug?
Ugh, so a parcel that was supposed to come in today is now held up at Customs. I got a call from UPS and they tell me that Winnipeg is actually the worse city in Canada for bringing parcels into. Huh, good to know.
Ah another SFI? Hmm, there's a local guy with one for sale, but I'm not sure if I should pick it up.
Yeah there were massive failure rates on those. I remember bringing it up once and asking what kind of failure analysis they did, citing my experiences on actual fracture and failure analyses in my lab work. Interestingly, my posts seem to have disappeared on the matter.   If I had to guess what they changed in the design... perhaps thinner or narrower traces.
 So did a driver just simply die on you? Sadly this is not even remotely the first time I've heard of this happening...
So it's been ages since I've visited around these parts. Anyone here have experience with an Audio Technica ATH-2? Any good mod/transplant potential?
 Given his budget, I was thinking a little combo dac/amp would work too, but I think given for strict computer use the pcie card would be better (and then won't conflict with usb if heavy gaming is going on).   Does the Audigy card have a headamp built in? Shoot me a pm with what you've got and I'll pass the info onto him.   If no one else does, I can swap with you for a couple weeks (but I'm probably the furthest away from you, geographically).
New Posts  All Forums: