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If anyone wants to hear the Hifiman HE-560 or FiiO X1, get in touch with me before the weekend. These go out to the next reviewer on Saturday.
If you already have the 250ohm version, I wouldn't bother with the 600. If you like the Beyer sound though, you could try the DT880/600 instead.
I've recently tried regrilling the 560's. Differences are there, but very minimal. To my ears, the 560 has a bit of glare in the upper mids similar to the HE-6, but while the 6 is a bit more broadband I find the 560 is more focused. Switching from the focuspads to the focuspads-A makes a bigger difference, though I feel it more just moves the glare to a less objectionable spot. Regrilling the 560 reduces some of that glare by a smidge.   Right now, I feel I have achieved...
I still wonder why no one has made a modern T10 equivalent yet...
I don't drink beer, but as a Canadian I appreciate this
I haven't heard the 500x specifically, but I think anything in the open backed ATH series will fit your criteria.
Um... so is anyone actually coming by tomorrow? I've only got maybes so far...
Aw too bad.   For anyone who wants to try the X1, bring a microsd card with some music if you want to listen to your own stuff.   Anyone else want in on the FiiO X1 loaner/review program?
Technically a week, but I've got a bit of "stretch" time to give other people a chance to hear it. I can probably hold onto it until the end of next week for those who want to come by and listen.   I've currently got them hooked up to my Nuforce monos, and there are two different pads to try out (plus I have about 4 different pads too). I'll probably make some more open backed grills while I'm at it.
Well let's just say Sunday 2pm and see who can make it then. I'l try to send out a pm to folks later.   For anyone interested, I'm doing a bbq/potluck thing this Friday at my house. I've had ribs marinating since yesterday, and I'm making the bison burgers myself in a minute
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