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Holey molee... the bar has been raised fellas. Now we just gotta get him some KEF LS50 monitors on his desk to make use of those speaker taps.   Will there be an Yggdrasil incoming in the near future?
The Senn PX100 is a great headphone.   Also on sale right now: the HD600 for $300... (insane price for Canada)
 He used a green capacitor. Green makes things sound better. Obviously!
I was almost gonna offer to do some electron microscopy, but it looks like I've been beaten to it. Interesting read gentlemen.
 The Amperior is really very close to the HD25, but given the lower impedance it'll behave differently depending on the amplifier. In general, I'd say it's cleaner up top but slightly looser in the midbass region, with a decent amp negating the difference in the bass.
Both a "sale" and "wanted" post today for friends of mine...   1) I have a friend looking to sell a HE-400 (not the newer 400i) and Magni/Modi. Anyone interested?   2) Another friend is looking for a Xmas headphone gift for her sister. Requirements are small-ish and portable, "fashionable" and <$200. Got anything to sell?
 Can't let you have all the fun Steve Waitasec, how did I get lulled into soundscience?!?  Assuming that the line drivers from the balanced outputs are basically referencing around "ground" without actually using it... it might somewhat better to try making a single ended adapter by dropping the negative legs and pulling over ground from somewhere else. Fun fact: a lot of balanced prosumer gear at the entry level doesn't even have symmetric output. The cold pin is often...
Um... so is no one going to point out that these comparisons are rather moot since the output devices are different on the headphone output vs the balanced output?
I don't know much about wireless sets. You might have a little more luck posting this in the DIY forum rather than sound science...
The usual first step is some kind of damping materal in the cups to absorb all the wonky reflections.
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