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 Or perhaps people who are willing to pay for printed material are also willing to pay for other things  (in contrast to the mindset of those who only want to download things for free)
 Maybe he means a "power dac"?
 I'd really like to hear about this. There aren't too many Code-X out in the wild.   A bit of heat shrink usually does the trick. Some hot glue is actually pretty decent as well. The trick is to taper the strain relief, otherwise the spot where the strain relief ends is where all the stress concentrates. I've also made strain reliefs from the springs of old click pens.
Gama Genus   Beta follows alpha, but beta genus sounds funny and beta has the "second" connotation which you don't want. Omega is somewhat overused and/or a bit presumptious. I think gamma is a nice middleground, phonetically flows well (a bit of alliteration there), and gives a sense of progression without feeling like second place. And spell it "Gama" because... well, you spelled alpha as alfa so why not?
I suspect it isn't "easy to add it in" but rather "it's already there".   I don't know the specifics in this case, but often times the usb receiver converts into the appropriate (spdif?) signal which feeds into the dac chip. Tapping that output to an extra jack isn't that big of a step. Adding a line-input however will require a new input stage, and a switch of some sort (either manual or automatic) to disengage connection to the dac.
 Money should always go to the headphone/speaker.
And now I've got a NAD HP50 and Etymotic ER4p in my hands. How does this even happen? I barely even use iems for goodness sake!
 I think I saw a movie that started this way. No wait, I mean... uh, nevermind.
Well... even a regular COP for $125 is pretty good.
If you found it in a local store, that would certainly seem to indicate that it is now available. You should buy it and let us know how it sounds! What's the retail cost? I hope they did more than just change the driver and stick different accessories in the box.
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