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 I didn't say the special dots were bad, just that a piece of tape and some scissors is a practically zero cost & time solution that works too. *shrug*
It appears the mk2 has more padding on top?
 Well yeah that'd work, but if you already have random tape lying around the house, no need to buy extra special led dots.
Not a fix per se, but possibly a work around. Use a usb/spdif converter that doesn't require any special drivers. Let windows select it as a default device, and use wasapi/asio/whatever you like with JRiver.
I suggest scotch tape or even a piece of sticky note. Masking/electrical/duct/etc tape will leave residue after a while.
zucchini but not cucumber
 You've got the odd, but not the peculiar.
jiggling mammaries and alluring bottoms, but not... uh, what was I talking about?
Hardwire generally means connecting directly to the drivers, although sometimes people will leave the original short wires as a "pigtail" and connect new wires directly to those.   The benefit to hardwiring is taking the connector out of the equation. Any connector is always a potential source of signal degredation (contact resistance, mismatch in characteristic impedance, capacitance/inductance/voodoo/etc). The simpler the better. Whether that difference is audible is a...
 How peculiar...
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