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 "C'est la guerre" ?
 Nah, far too messy. A simple contact cement will be much easier to work with. Or just head on down to the nearest Toys'R'Us and grab a sparkle gun kit.
Because y'all be crazy?
 I've had more than a couple friends who've turned down promotions (or demoted themselves) because while the pay was good, the ridiculous hours and always being on the road and never seeing their family/friends again wasn't worth it.   A fart back in your face?   In my weekend job, I'm the principal of a non-profit program in children's education. We operate pretty much like a regular school... I've got ~180 kids and 25 staff, so bigger than some local schools actually. We...
The ESW9 are definitely on-ear and significantly smaller than the K702.
 In the absence of anything else, the feedback system is a decent gauge for putting people on the loaner program as it has established a certain level of trustworthiness in the community. A name & address aren't really binding in any legal way. The "proper" method would be a bunch of verified/notarized paperwork etc which is a lot of hassle and grinds the process to a halt.
That is mind-boggling how much modding went into that. Is that a cork-like material inserted between the magnets? You appear to be blocking some of the holes in the driver itself. And I find it curious that for all the crazy damping in the cup and surrounding the driver, there doesn't appear to be any on the ear-side under the pad?
I'm still waiting for one of you guys to start experimenting with different knitting patterns to stuff material into the cups...
   An 8-strand round braid is relatively easy. A bit of masking tape with numbers is a good way to keep track in case you goof up. A double-milloit on the other hand takes a bit more trickery and a lot of time...   asdf  
 Did you make a template from one of those wooden kits?
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