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It's totally possible for sound to come through even if something is off.
Well a blank reading is usually a broken connection somewhere... or a short that shouldn't be.   It's easiest to check the (four?) LEDs by just turning the lights off.   The noise floor varies. I've had one that was silent and two that had a low noise floor. It could be the tubes, the twisting of the wires, or how the voodoo plays out. Do you have different tubes to try? I might have a spare input tube to try, but don't have a power one.
Hey now, even the best components need to be recapped every now and then.
I've built three of them.   Hum on both sides? low frequency (around 60 or 120Hz) or higher? Check that all the LED's on the speedball boards are lit as well. A defective LED is probably one of the more common blips.
If you've already got an X1, why were you asking for preamps then? And that came after the post for the Bryston 2B. I'm not about to go recommending $5k preamps for an amp that's $300. A high quality passive pot or stepped attenuator is not a bad way to go in that realm. I suppose one could always go the Bespoke Audio custom route but that's pushing $12k to start.
 You could get a prebuilt stepped attenuator preamp from khozmo or goldpoint or dact for $400ish A passive TVC based preamp will run you $600 and up and is one of the few ways to stay truly balanced all the way through.
 Get something like this: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Mix8Basically it gives you two sets of outputs: your mains and CR (control room) which you can adjust individually. Or if the dac has two outputs (or just use a splitter), then shove a volume control of some sort on each output and you're done.
 That is one of the cheapest that I've ever seen a Bryston 2B go for. For those who are looking around, this is the original shape 2B. The newer ones are thinner and are called the 2B-LP but they are functionally the same with only components rearranged to fit into the smaller chassis and flatter transformers (again to fit into the chassis).  There are gain controls on the back, but not user friendly as you need a screwdriver to adjust it.  The Emotiva Control Freak is a...
 I can't chime in on all the hooplah about power draw, but 1mW gets you around ~95dB on an HD650. You're not at rock concert levels, but that's a fair bit more than a whisper. Though I don't have one on hand, the HD800 have similar sensitivity (even a bit higher if I recall). I also have a modded Fostex T50rp which is a lower impedance but less efficient load and I can get more than enough volume out of it.
 I've gone through many amps, and the Bryston 2B is so far my favourite amp in the $500-600 range (used); it's easy to find, built like a tank, compact in size, and sounds very very good.
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