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Maroon but not 5.
 how odd
 Thanks. Were you just psychic in knowing that I was looking to make a PM-3 cable?
How long are you here and what toys do you have? Sometimes we just need an excuse to form a meetup.
Now what I want is something with that kind of authority, but maybe the size of a textbook.
My current big amp is a NAD C390dd but I'm not sure if it meshes they way I want in my system (also way too big for my table). I just recently had a guy offer a Krell 400xi in trade but I'm not sure if I want to take it. I'm curious about the NuPrime options though.
But how does the Rane "sound"? Have you compared against other "big name" amps?
 My motherboard can't even even handle 10kHz+ without really weird distortions and subtones.
 How odd!
I would be curious to see how the HE-6 pairs with the IDA or ST-10. I used to power my HE-6 from an STA-100 and did a mini-shootout between it and a couple other small desktop amps: 
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