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We're gonna have to define "properly", even those that say they handle it "natively"... Conversion to PCM internally is the most common, particularly because DSD requires a separate and isolated set of filters and associated hardware if you don't want to compromise the pcm side of things nor the output buffers.
Fair enough. I'm a bit agnostic when it comes to DSD/MQA or any other hi rez format in general, as almost all were converted and/or remastered from redbook level stuff, so you never really get a sense of what those "true" recordings are like. Even on those rare pieces that were done properly all the way through, they sit in such an isolated vacuum that you don't really have much of a comparison point. I can see good arguments for 24/96 recordings, but anything above that...
 Dunno if this ticks the box for "exotic"...     datasheets:
Just tossing thoughts out there for discussion Tom. I was curious how you'd pursue the idea *if* it were something you'd consider doing.   Another Canadian company, Bryston, also does the majority of their internal circuitry single ended. Their headphone amp derives the balanced outputs by simply inverting/bridging the outputs.
 Balanced is one of the big buzzwords, right up there with class-A. Most people don't really understand what either of those means anyways  That all said, I've mucked around with enough toys that I seem to prefer balanced/bridged/crosscoupled/whatevertheycallit outputs when given the chance. Maybe it's indeed the lower even order harmonics. Maybe it's the increased headroom. Maybe it's because you're using active devices on each side to sink/source current instead of...
 Do you actually have enough music higher than 24/192 that you'd worry about this "limitation"? I consider it a moot point for most people. And nevermind if this is a driverless universal windows device, it probably only does 16/44 or 16/48 anyways depending on the usb chip implementation. Optical originally topped out at 96k, but newer devices can handle 192 as long as your cable is up to proper spec.
Still waiting on you to make us a balanced amp Tom! Obviously it's just as simple as doubling up the parts and bridging the outputs right? p.s. and don't forget the VU meters
Random usb to spdif converter I found on kijiji: Handy if anyone wants to test dacs without installing drivers or whatnot.
Balanced input is a proper differential receiver. Balanced output is for convenience.
For curiosity sake, these are a couple old pictures from our first couple meets. It's crazy to see how far we've come since 2010...  [[SPOILER]]
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