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 I've driven my HE-6 with little 20W class-D amps and they sounded just dandy.
Silver plated...  
I guess you've got the PerfectWave as your primary dac now too eh? Wow you climbed the ladder fast.
Bad news on the Oppo PM-1: it seems it never made it to the person before me on the loaner program and is currently MIA, so I won't be getting one in time for the meet.
Hah, the arms race is on between Ragnarok and Blue Circle. I've been intrigued by the latter, being a Canadian company and all.   I have a friend who has a 200 lb Krell powering his HE-6. His desk literally could not support the weight.   So what are you gonna do with those monoblocks now?
All I want for Christmas is... a box fulla schiit balls?
 Ok this one tells me ball lightning: but this one says "comparative moon" ...
If only there were a Nordic term for ball lightning...
Meeting at Lindenwoods. My place by the university is too small for indoor gatherings (maybe if I ever get around to renovating and knocking out some walls... but that's a project way on the backburner).
 A new chassis, battery, charging circuit, additional input, etc... for only $20? I don't think that's gonna happen. It'll break 3 digits easily, and then hey we're into a market segment that already has several options which Schiit isn't interested in.
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