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 The mk1 have a moderately large bass hump. Does the mk2 flatten this region out? I'm trying to qualify what you mean by "flatter", as in frequency response or liveliness of the sound? Is the isolation improved?
 Electricity is that expensive in Vegas?
-Your location (City and Country) Winnipeg, Canada   -Headphone(s) you have Hifiman HE-6, Sennheiser HD598, HD25, V-Moda XS, Noontech HammoS, Fostex T50rp, Celsus Sound Gramo One, V-sonic GR07, Superlux HD660, Pioneer HDJ-2000, probably more as I rotate through a lot   -Music player(s) you have Sansa Fuze & Clip previously reviewed FiiO X1   -Cayin product(s) you possess (if any) None   -Links to review(s) you have posted (if any) no matter it is on Head-Fi or...
 As a Canadian who is expecting tonight's frost warning to kill all the new grass I just planted, I concur.
 If we're still talking the fluffy pseudo science... I'm going to say a pseudo maybe. Thermal/electrical/mechanical equilibrium is a fuzzy thing. The thermal part is somewhat easy to grok, but the other two not as much. Are there any significant changes to the materials in the dac/amp over time when it sits unused vs sitting in use?
Curious how burn-in almost always makes the sound better doesn't it? You'd think the slow wear of parts would cause the opposite.   I do believe in warm-up though, at least in the first hour or so. I've heard amps that were cold off the delivery truck which were horrid. Overall thermal equilibrium is easily measured given a steady state operating condition.   I suppose technically a capacitor can burn-in. The chemical compounds or whatever can reach some new...
 Fixed that for you
 Not a perfect solution, but you can link zones to output the same data simultaneously if sending to separate dacs.
sonnets but not poems   moon but not sun
 I didn't say the special dots were bad, just that a piece of tape and some scissors is a practically zero cost & time solution that works too. *shrug*
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