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The wrong way to twist is holding the ends tights with a vice/drill/whatever and turning it. "Twist" really is the wrong motion to use entirely, because what that does is physically twist the wire and it wants to untwist itself back to original state (think like you're winding up a big spring).   You should be simply passing the wires across each other repeatedly. Fix the wires at one end in a vice, then hold the wires one in each hand, pass over to the opposite hands...
Yes. Symmetry is desirable (though technically it shouldn't make that much of a difference).
I generally hope for dates that are funny rather than tragic, but I'm more pessimistic than hopeful these days.
Not that I know of. They've been $1.6k CAD for a while.
She's loose, but not lewd?
 Do you have something against "professional"? Most of those brands I listed have usb desktop sized options in the $200-400 range. Stereo is simply multichannel limited to two. So they don't have RCA input? *shrug* just slap an easy RCA/TRS adapter on there. But hey, here are some with RCA inputs...Numark Stereo I/ORoland TricaptureNovation AudiohubSPL Crimson
 FocusriteM-AudioRolandMOTURMEApogeeEchoApolloetc. $450 CAD... ouch
I was procrastinating on TedTalks and came across this which I think is relevant to the Schiit story:
Just wondering, does anyone here have a spare mini-usb cable, roughly 4 feet long?
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