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 If you prefer the sound of the M50x and HD25/Amperiors over the DT770, then the COP is going in the wrong direction.
 For portability, the M100 is much better than the LP (but the LP's can be had for really cheap, so that's a factor) Overall, the V-Moda headphones are only so-so at isolation and leakage.  It's unlikely the drivers will die, but they don't handle high volumes as cleanly as the DT770 so are more "wubwub" in sound. But that's also the inevitable tradeoff you pay for higher bass response in this price range as the response is likely derived from venting and resonance. If you...
@anikalsi Writing a negative review in the appropriate place is one thing, but slagging in their promotion thread is rude...
The last time I inquired about an "upgraded" Code-X, it was $1600.   Still sucks after conversion though, although if you could bargain that into CAD it would be fantastic. 
Holy crap, a Code-X in Canada... http://www.head-fi.org/t/778826/hifiman-code-x
 The originals could not. The Momentum 2 can be folded.
I'd give a nod to the Sennheiser Momentum 2.
The 430HA is possibly one of the best amps I've heard with the HE-6 that isn't mondo backbreaking in size, and it has a dac options as well.   But yeah if you can get a 600i used, then that's better value overall.
 Is there a local one to be had for cheap? You could get a new Moon 430HA for that kind of money...
 Yes. It is a transformer coupled tube amp, which requires a load at all times to prevent things from going boom. You technically don't need the adapter per se. Just a simple 10ohm resistor paralleled across the outputs is fine.
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