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Say has anyone here tried the Quicksand with headphones?
Oh man '97 was nuts. Remember the cow floating down the river?
Hey guys, there's a water advisory in effect right now:   Basically don't drink tap water. Boil before using, etc.
Only one odd (on a technicality), and so many peculiars...
I think I have a pair of 240M drivers somewhere if that'd interest you,
 Yeah... it's been an interesting ride. or or depending how you look at it. One time there was     Ads and banners used to pop up for mail order brides, but lately I've just been getting milf ads. Does that mean I'm officially middle aged?
My criteria for a good date: 1) actually shows up 1b) without another date in tow 2) doesn't leave with someone else partway through the night 3) biologically female
Roughly a week, though I can stretch a couple days more if people want to get together to hear it. My day/evening schedule is all over the place this week, so if someone wants to drop by give me a shout and we'll figure something out.   My very initial impression was: "wow this is nice, I want one"   My not-so-initial impression: "the wow has worn off, but it's still nice and I still want one... and the build quality/comfort makes me want to punch Audeze and Hifiman in...
Hey guys, the loaner Oppo PM-1 has arrived. If anyone wants a listen, let me know and we can arrange a time to meet.   I've also got a Wyrd incoming. Hopefully I get a chance to pair that up with Velomane's PWDmk2 before I return it to him.
A happy story in the worst dates thread? Who are you and what have you done with the real Panther?
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