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You like the Moon's built-in dac more than the Yggy?
Mine have been hardwired since day 1   Those mini-smc connectors are terrible though. Low contact pressure, awkward to utilize, poor mechanical properties, even lousy from a DIY standpoint.
 Don't worry, you'll be fine. Just keep volume down before turning things on.
 Almost all speaker amp ratings are given at 8ohm (unless specifically stated otherwise). Divide by a factor of 6.5 to get a speaker amp's rating into the HE-6 (nominally 50 ohms). For the SMSL, this brings you to 10.7 W. For most people, I would say this is a comfortable stopping point. There are serious risks of unintentionally blowing out your drivers with higher power amps.
 Nice idea in theory, but the implementation is not quite so simple. Besides, ethernet audio (AVB, Dante, AES67) is most likely going to be the next big interface standard.
The Asgard 2 is a very nice all-purpose amplifier. Looking at your current listing of gear, I don't think the HA-200 would be a significant upgrade for you. Though if it's cheap enough...
 The safeword is... "redbook"
Late to the party, but if you really like the K702 then seriously consider the K612pro. It's cheaper, more amp friendly (both less picky and higher impedance), and I honestly felt it was better both sonically and technically than the K7## family. And frankly, for those of us playing in the deep end of the pool, the price of this headphone on sale is no more than a decent set of cables, so it doesn't hurt to try.
 Unfortunately no. I've got plenty of other vibration damping materials though. On yours, I've already installed some materials underneath the grill.
     I think ethernet audio will really take hold in the next few years. There were a few sort of competing standards but it should all in theory be ratified now (give it another year or so to work out all the kinks) Focusrite has got DanteMOTU is all in with AVBPrism is leaning to AVBEcho Audio bowed out of the prosumer game a while ago but are supplying AVB to other companies There are others I'm sure.
New Posts  All Forums: