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If anyone's looking for a cd player or coax transport for another dac, this is a pretty sweet deal...   I'm almost tempted, except I don't play cd's
 It'll help you reach thermal equilibrium faster. Reduce your warmup time to minutes instead of an hour!
Added both of those. Thanks guys!
 Well one vote for Monday is better than none so far. I'm thinking perhaps the afternoon at my parent's place? It's a little more central, and no risk of getting rained on like last time.   Aww too bad. Still thinking about buying one though? I've been following the development story and it's got quite a few technical things that are interesting.
Though I always ask, is the L-pad even necessary? If you currently hear no noise from the amp and have useable range on your volume pot, then you don't need to add any resistors.
So do you guys want to meet on Sunday or Monday?
 Skip the box. Find any speaker person near you to make an L-pad instead for simpler and cheaper.
Absolutely. Loss of power/headroom is an obvious one. Distortion can also increase quite a bit when your components are no longer in spec.
 Too many variables and generalizations to offer any sensible advice. In general, old amps will need to have their capacitors replaced and probably some deoxit on the connectors and pots. As for how "old" amps will sound... *shrug* my completely out-of-thin-air guess based on no information whatsoever is that fixing up the old amp will not make it "faster".
 Actually that 10W resistor in parallel will reduce the damping factor. Usually this is undesirable, but for planars it is less of a concern.
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