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Hmm, I haven't even heard of the master editions. Has there been anything mentioned since the innerfidelity announcement?
 Hey, we start 'em young and teach them the values of hard work and stuff as soon as they can walk... (speaking as an Asian who's family owned a small restaurant and grocery store when I was growin gup... isn't this normal? )
 Funny, I just stuffed some acoustic foam into the cups to increase isolation, and less bass/more treble is exactly what I got. Improved distortion in the bass as well. The foam is this weird one that has a rubber layer in the middle. Normally I use one that has a thicker rubber on the sticky side, but I couldn't find it, so I just used what I hand on hand.
And than after roughly two years you'll have your own childservants who can change the volume for you. Win-win!
Cool. I haven't heard of Starkey before, but glad to see you're still around.
Is it bad that I want one just to see what kind of changes they've made? (that and I'd inevitably open it up and start modding again)
She was a creeper, but at least not a transvestite...
 Practice practice practice...
The wrong way to twist is holding the ends tights with a vice/drill/whatever and turning it. "Twist" really is the wrong motion to use entirely, because what that does is physically twist the wire and it wants to untwist itself back to original state (think like you're winding up a big spring).   You should be simply passing the wires across each other repeatedly. Fix the wires at one end in a vice, then hold the wires one in each hand, pass over to the opposite hands...
Yes. Symmetry is desirable (though technically it shouldn't make that much of a difference).
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