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 The TP family are all fairly similar. I haven't heard the newer Vertex family so can't comment on those. Careful with the ebay listings and read them carefully. Some of them don't have the power adapters.
Goodness, I can feel my arthritis flaring up just from looking at it!
The D3020 is an excellent all-in-one that serves the HE-6 well. Cheaper than that, some Topping amps are decent at a hundred bucks. Don't go Lepai. If you can find one, the old Nuforce Icon amps are very nice.
I believe it is DoP and I *think* the limit is 24/96 as that is the typical limit of optical spdif, but it would be best to ask @jasonl
 I thought the D3020 was better than Topping and Emotiva Mini-X.
 Well you do have three or four QRV08 builds under your belt...
Audio-gd has suffered a lot from price creep in recent years. Their stuff was decent when they first started, but with every new generation things only improved a little but prices shot up. Resale also sucks because they put out so many new products it cannibalizes the old line.   I say the best value is to get an amp that's only a single generation old to play with, and sell/recycle for other gear before the next revision drops your resale value again. Skip the dacs for...
 I tried the newer D3020 and thought it was actually a very nice compact solution for the HE-6.
Were you using this with your HE-6?
 Um... pretty much exactly what I said. Get some new pads (Shure 840 are popular and can be had for $15-20) and toss some kind of filler material in the cup. Done!
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