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 Even if it broke, they've got a pretty good warranty  That would make for a pretty funny repair ticket though...Bryston: reason for repair?me: self defenceBryston: ...what?
 The crowdfunding page is now open. Check it out you guys!
The indiegogo page is now open. Check it out you guys!
Are sound isolation and portability a factor? (such as when you're recording at the Church)
I recently reviewed the RockMaster OE which is a great bargain at $30: http://www.head-fi.org/t/775541/p-review-encore-rockmaster-oe-over-ear-a-superb-budget-headphone   Further down in the thread a guy also brings up a good number of alternatives around $50.
Have you checked out the list at Innerfidelity? http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/innerfidelitys-wall-fame-wireless#5VimOJu2FwPyCVwI.97
I've been mucking around with a bunch of pro audio amps lately. The general trend I find is that the heavier high power ones all tend to offer better grip in the bass. I've got a Bryston 4B and 3B with tons of oomph in the low end, but feel less refined elsewhere. An old Yorkville amp sits squarely in the middle, but the noisy fan is a no go for headphone listening. A Carver 1.5 is a step up from the Yorkville, and on technical prowess probably the best of the bunch, but...
It's much easier to be an odd distortion. That stands out regardless of the noise.   (wooo so much nerdity in that line)
 Absolutely. I'm just one voice amidst the rabble, and quite in the minority.
 I tried a lot of different headphones; I found the HA-1 rather edgy with most of them.
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