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Quote: Originally Posted by Ypoknons Indeed, how would we test for such a difference, since active ground and balanced require a different board layout and thus different design? The closest I can imagine would be a test between a 3ch beta22 and a 4ch beta22. Hah looking at the pricing on the betas I'm fairly sure I won't be the one who does that, unless I win the lottery that is. And Leny, no worries.
Guys, please keep down the OT flaming. Thank you both for your recommendations, but I respectfully put forward the idea that the pros and cons of 300B tube deserve their own thread...
The senns you mentioned are open and leak sound like a pig. They also need a decent amp to drive them. If you want to stick to not having a dedicated amp then do a search for "closed headphone without amp" or so forth, I'm sure there will be many results. Look into the shure 840, I recall reading that they are closed and maybe dont really need an amp... IMO for gaming what you need is a big "soundstage", the senns and apparently the beyerdynamic 880's may suite your...
Seems like SkyLab has a beyer 880-600 wired for balanced operation, AND both the phoenix and the concerto, I'll bug him a bit in PM.
Quote: Originally Posted by spartan123 I bought a Meier Concerto also, I am looking for ward to hearing it. My main two amps are both SP. A MPX3 and a PPX3 6SN7. I'd be interested in your opinions about the sound compared to an mpx3, when the time comes.
As the title states, I am interested in buying some Beyer 880's, of the 600 Ohm persuasion. Recables and balanced recables can apply but I'm looking to spend less than the list price of the stock phones, keep that in mind. I live in Hungary (EU). Can pay via Western Union or paypal or wire transfer. If you are not a head-fier in good standing ( a fair amount of positive feedback), I would like you to ship first. I've been burned before by scammers and have no wish of...
Thanks for the replies. I'm not looking for another Singlepower amp, it may be understandable why. My questions where regarding the solid state amps that seem to be a good buy nowdays, the audio gd and meier ones.
Of the locations I saw, I could manage going to Munich (or any other German place), Copenhagen or Amsterdam. If the meet was in these places I can take my dac, if in munich then possibly my (life threatening ) amp. Has Vienna been suggested? That would be the best for me, besides Budapest. Great Idea, btw!
My fear with the SP amp is that it is a 2004 model (no pcb or nothing) and I think a technician would freak the * out and drive me away if he saw the mess inside...
I heard that driving the hd-600's balanced makes for a really good sound, that is why I'm interested in getting a balanced amp and dac. I am definitely getting the SP checked out, the problem is that I'm in Hungary so I'll have to find someone knowledgeable regarding tube technology here.
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