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Quote: Originally Posted by upstateguy QFT
Nice review, I might jump for this dac.
Quote: Originally Posted by xfixiator Awesome, thanks for your input rattesp, glad to hear they're good for funk . Sorry about the wrong forum thing. As I'm sure you have gathered, it's my first time posting. So I know next time, where would the correct place be? @ Feanor, heh, no I am not planning on listening to both at the same time , what I meant by that is that I am not particularly looking for an analytical set of cans. Appreciate the tips though...
I own and use the hd-600 and have listened to the beyer dt-880. I like both, so much in fact that I am thinking about buying a pair of beyers. Never heard the 990's. I like 70's funk too (funkadelic ftw!!!), and enjoy it with the senns. I would be wary about choosing a pair of headphones to "counterbalance" the sound signature of your iems. You won't be listening to both at the same time, no? A note about purchasing stuff on head-fi based on lurking here and so on: I...
I hope you enjoy them!
Last I was here, the only good quality consumer soundcards (EMU) blew for games. That's just where I'm coming from, I am not familiar with the new stuff. That said, I have an EMU and I ended up using a 200$ dac instead, with the EMU as a transport. The EMU was a HUGE step up from the onboard audio, no doubts about that.
I dont have the best dac or anything and I listen through a tube amp, but for what its worth, if I recall correctly (its been over 4 years since that test), I couldn't really notice the difference between lame 320 vbr and lossless in most of my music either. I recall one part of a song where I could though, multiple very sudden high notes crowding up on each other. There I got it almost every time. That said, I prefer to store my music in flac simply because space is...
The hd 650's and the 600's are both open phones. They are very similar all in all, as the 650 was an incremental upgrade on the 600. The stock onboard audio will be ***** for music, even if you put an amp in the path. It may do the positioning well, but believe me the most worthwhile upgrade in all the headfi trip is getting a decent source. A usb fed amp + dac could work out well. You could wire it up so that the default windows sounds go to the amp inputs from your...
Haha man, I leave head-fi for like 3-4 years and in the meantime it turns out my amp (SP) was built by a fraud and my (ack) dac is supposedly sub-par. I enjoy the sound of both greatly, but I am interested in what a "proper" dac + a "proper" solid state amp would provide. Meh, I'll just have to get a dac+amp combo to check it out.
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