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Man this is a very exciting project, congrats! One thought: am I the first one to whom your measurement box looked a bit like some kind of freakish torture box? It should be fun explaining it away in customs...
My personal experience is that there is a big difference in sound when outputting the digital signal via the onboard audio on my MB compared to when I output the digital signal from a dedicated sound card. I believe that my onboard audio has 48kHz internal processing that cannot be bypassed and that is the reason for this difference (because upsampling from 44kHz to 48kHz and back is not a good thing). I get the bit perfect signal from my soundcard and some wierd ****ed-up...
I think there are also tubed speaker amps, some people just prefer the "sound" (ie.: harmonic distortion) of tube amps. A lot of people have and like solid state headphone amps too. I do not have any experience with the hd800, but as far as I know most amps in that price range will have enough power to drive them. The audio gd products seem to be the flavour of the month (one might even venture that they are overhyped), check out the review threads. I've been looking...
I doubt that would be a problem, headfiers all speak english and both of these cities are quite international and all service personnel will also speak english. Also, both CPH and Berlin have quite big international airports.
whats the difference between this and a dac9 mk3? they are listed at almost the same price, are both balanced, ect.
Berlin is fine with me too.
I see from your profile that you have an audio-gd dac19. While I know the two are in different price ranges, any thoughts on how they compare for use as dacs?
Quote: Originally Posted by Bilavideo Payment sent! I just bought back my M^3 with STEPS from the same guy I sold it to last year. What's more, he had the grace and courtesy to sell it back to me for the same price I sold it to him. Small world! haha that made my day.
YGPM edit: woot! 1000th post
The problem with open headphones in an environment with other people is twofold : you hear them and they hear you. In this case both could be trouble. In my experience the senns when driven to proper listening levels leak quite a lot of sound, enough to annoy people in the same room. They do not isolate well, so you will also hear the tv (not to mention, the people annoyed by your music will turn the sound on the TV up, causing you to crank the phones, causing them to turn...
New Posts  All Forums: