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Argh, the FUN has a basic version now at 190$+shipping... (no usb on it if i read correctly) that puts it smack in play for me against this one.
I dont see any pics
I'm suprised at the left/right differences too. Any thoughts on why it occurs?
Thanks for the review!
I assume the psu has to feed it DC power, do you know what the specs are? I would be interested in buying, if I can find or build a psu for it (EU, so the elpack wont cut it for me). Is this the "dynalo" design btw? I've looked around but all i see are dynahis and dynalos and gilmore lites, not a lot about gilmore dynamic.
Quote: Originally Posted by luckybaer Realize that the better your headphones, the more miserable you will be if your CDs are poorly mastered. I still enjoy some of the "hot" CDs that I have (not horribly hot ones like "Californication", just ones that are kinda hot - the XTC remasters, for example), but the older and/or better mastered CDs are so much better to dive into. I wish I had known about the "loudness war" earlier. btw, for me...
Hey boo, I was wondering if you might include a warning like this somewhere in the guide. I posted it in a newbie asking for help thread and IMO most people new to headfi could use the advice. Quote: A note about purchasing stuff on head-fi based on lurking here and so on: I was in your shoes when I got here. Reading about stuff, not trying it out and then buying some items. One thing to realize is that most people posting here are passionate about audio / gear...
Sounds like a good plan. Is Sage Francis one of those people you listen to? I will second the comfort of the HD6** series, It is very very nice (tho some people have posted about a "clamping effect", I have not had problems) I myself am looking for a cheap solid state dac/amp for the senns and this seems like the one I'll get.
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