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senn cables are a bitch, ive gone through 5 replacements. One thing to keep in mind is that the drivers can also come loose if you swap cables too much. Then you wont get any sound at all but it can easily be fixed by opening the back panel and carefully pushing the drivers back into position.
my 2 cents: If a sound engineer is not familiar with the frequency response of the gear used to record and mix the music, the music will likely be badly mastered anyway. If they are familiar with the FR, they will master the music bearing that in mind. In before teh lokzorz
I wouldn't go so far as calling them delusional ears, but I would argue that most differences in sound made by amps or dacs are much smaller than one would expect based on the reviews and impressions. If one is not listening critically then these differences are usually not apparent (in my experience at least). Of course, integrated motherboard audio is definitely sub-par, the first step away from it is noticeable in non-critical listening. One example of no earth...
Quote: Originally Posted by Crazy*Carl Don't even get me started with cables. Maybe your inferior cabling is the reason you haven't heard any differences with amps/dacs? :P :P :P
Quote: Originally Posted by Crazy*Carl I think in the future, this hi end audio market is going to slowly disappear because regular devices will get so good. I think this is already happening. Nah. Time and time again its been proven that if you offer people the same product at two prices, many will go for the higher price, assuming it is better. This may be too much of a heated issue, but look at the market for expensive audio cables.
Quote: Originally Posted by pekingduck I agree.. Be happy with your current DAC and amp and enjoy the music I second this advice, with the addendum of downgrading to some less expensive alternative that you find equally pleasing. I'm probably going the same path, although sadly the resale price of my equipment has plummeted.
Quote: Originally Posted by Crazy*Carl Ya, so do I. They make a 10% difference, but headphones make a 90% difference I have to say I agree with this, though I would add that the first steps in source improvement need to be taken (integrated audio -> emu0404 was a huge step up for me). Decent receivers can drive my Hd600's to quite good levels. That said, I have not listened to a lot of equipment, but a range that covers many different things...
I had a blown mid-woofer (not sure bout terminology here) in my paradigm atoms. The cases where easy to disassemble and the speakers easy to remove. No soldering was required. Gluing the rip helped the sound. If you have a spare tweeter you should go ahead and pop that in. Not sure if this is relevant as my speakers are probably much cheaper ...
Just checking in to say, yall (and the pricing of the T50RP's) have convinced me. I'm getting a pair in June when I'm visiting Boston. Also: Would it be possible to make a thread for the T50RP mods out there? Even using the thread search function or the nice megathread search site, it's still a PITA navigating this thread and finding the relevant information.
I would add to the debate that IMO the differences in sound you get between well implemented tube or solid state amps are less pronounced than it would seem based on the categorization and general spirit of reviews posted here. In my limited experience, the differences really do come down to nuances, small issues that only truly critical listening will bring out.
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