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I honestly have no idea how I should plug them in, the adapter is 5 pin to jack but the cable endings are 2 pin weird things. all I know is that my grandma was a judge back in the day and these were officially issued headphones so she could listen to evidence or something.
I was up at my grandmothers a few days ago, and looked through a cabinet that had my late granpas old technical stuff in it. Most interesting finds were a medium format camera and this headphone. Here's some pics: It has some weird connector scheme going on, almost looks like it was balanced and apparently that switch thing is to switch between channels (?)...
I would be happy to attend but as I live in Hungary I can't really help with the organization.
Whoa, a shuffle? What levels do you listen at?
The double album Drukqs is awesome, so fragile at some points and so aggressive at others.
you know I used aphex twin to settle some neighbor issues a while back. Here's the story: We live in a family house with one wall shared with our neighbors. Our dog has a bit of an annoying bark and an even more annoying whine when my mom goes away. The next door neighbors have been really pissed about it, even though the dog has settled down a lot since it was a puppy. One day last summer I woke up early in the morning, to hear a very annoying buzzing noise in my room....
Is anybody in team ms1000 planning to attend the EU meet? I would be tickled to hear these things, but buying without trying is something I try to avoid.
Hah I like aphex a lot too. I was thinking a while back about pulling the trigger on some SA5000's , just for electronica use. I prefer the album "Drukqs" to selected ambient works, sadly the selected album has a few issues SQ-wise. I read somewhere that the tapes the music was on got damaged. Edit: apparently it got mangled by a cat
My 2 cents on how big the difference between amps is.
These are what we had near our house last summer, I really hope they didnt get into the roof. They sound like helicopters when flying about.
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