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I totally love looking at my music while listening. Am I alone with this? Should I be concerned? pic related Uploaded with
Nice summary. I recall the debate about the headfi cable test, I'm happy it happened in the end. If we ever have a big euro meet I will try to assemble a Blind testing stand (not so sure about double blind as I will swap the stuff, but I am planning not to interact with the subject in any way), with different sources and amps and IC's and the same headphones. The same could be done in camjam, if someone was up for it. Just something simple, for instance a big black screen...
put me up on the waiting list for 1 pair of HD600 pads please
K501's have a wonderful midrange, should work well for vocals. Not perfect phones (don't expect too much bass), but the guy who's pair I auditioned has avoided upgrading to the 701 because he felt the midrange was lacking.
Arent the pads Jmoney pads? I assume you could order from there as well.
Btw, does anybody have access to measuring equipment that could verify the waterfall graphs on the audeze website? Those decay plots look too good to be true.
Truth be told I was surprised they were in the same projected price range as the HE-5LE, because I assume there is a big difference in manufacturing costs between the two (china <-> US , plastic <-> wood). The current price seems to reflect that better. It's also a good move psychologically IMO, they imply that it is better with the pricing, a lot of people in this market are susceptible to that kind of thing. Now what I want to see is the HE-5 going down to ~400$
Transformers 2 was tedium.boring/10.0 to clarify: watched on a friends new projector, with a proper amount of booze in myself and it was an epic fail.
Quote: Originally Posted by les_garten You gonna let him talk about your Grandma like that! thems fightin' words
Would I be able to do this mod with "woodied" alessandros?
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