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I'm sorry guys. I was looking forward to attending this meet, but it turns out I'm running in the municipal elections that occur at the start of October and I will be in the middle of campaining when you guys meet. I hope you have a great time!
Great vid! Loved the anecdote about his sighted fake A/B test :)
I really enjoy jazz with the hd 600, you should be able to snag a pair used (or an hd580) for cheap enough. I second the k501, they have a nice midrange.
QFT, he makes beautiful music that is devout yet not tacky. I heartily recommend him. He does touch on interesting subject time to time tho. My fav song by him.
use a small spoon or the tip of a knife to remove the back grille (no cable inserted obv.), it should come off fairly easily (be gentle). I've had the drivers coming loose a few times, at those times the sound from that side tends to cut off. Once you remove the back grille, you can gently take out the drivers and check where the problem is.
How much personal difference is there with the shape of the pinna and perhaps of the ear canal?
            The last 3 were made in Angkor Wat (Cambodia) and Bangkok
I like the idea of a null test!
I can probably go to Berlin a day in advance and help set up the venue for the meet. It would be nice if we could send out a mass PM interest check to all the EU headfiers, because I think a lot of people don't see this.   edit: if we have the date set, maybe we can ask jude to have anybody logging in from an EU IP address to get a notification?
Try anything by the Go! team for intentionally bad SQ. This is one of the better quality tracks they have on a side note: It's interesting to listen to the original version of Raw Power from (Iggy Pop &) The Stooges. I recall reading that they were going for a deliberately bad sound quality, something that actually hurt to listen to. In retrospective it is quite toned-down compared to todays heavier albums.
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