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I'm getting back into the audiophile game now that have a little money to support it. In the past I used to use my Klipsch Custom 2's all the time but they were incredibly uncomfortable. I did love the over the ear style and the way they sounded though. I need something with great noise isolation and overall great fidelity. I normally listen to Indie and Alternative rock. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.   I've been looking at Etymotic's recently and was...
"Head over Heels" - Switchfoot  
Question: My rig as of right now consists of a Zune HD, Klipsch Custom 2's, and WMA lossless music. I'm thinking about getting some Grado SR80i's in the near future. Would an amp better my SQ for my existing Custom 2's or my upcoming SR80i's? Right now I'm thinking about an iBasso T4. I'm a pretty poor high school student and this is most likely all I can afford.
Quote: Originally Posted by macm75 Yes, I built a pair years ago. I used a pair of Fostex 207E's at first then a pair of the once popular Radio Shacks (the fostex extended better and had better clarity but the cheap RS sounded better - more "musical"). They are easy to build and a nice first speaker project. But I cannot provide any info if your selected driver is a good match. You can always start with any driver and replace them with a driver up to...
These will be my first D.I.Y. speakers, I've decided on the voigt pipe design because of it's simple design and incredible reviews. I'm thinking about using these: Pioneer A11EC80-02F 4-1/2" Full Range Driver for the drivers. I need your help picking the right wood, and getting the correct dimensions, stuffing, etc... Any help is greatly appreciated. Nick,
My "High School Budget" portable rig: - Zune HD 16Gb - Klipsch Custom 2 IEM's
Thanks kite7, I think what im gonna strive for: some Grado sr125i's, a Musiland 02, and maybe if i get rolling, some Magneplaner MMG's. sound good to you?
thanks for the advice, The EF2 looks like an amzing little amp but it is true that i would love to be able to listen through my speakers too. I have heard that the Technics amp that i am using now would sound good with headphones. So do you think i could get by with just a new DAC and Grado's for now, or do you think its worth it to upgrade all of it now?
Hey, I've been wanting to setup a nice desktop listening system. I'm 15 and don't have much cash, but I'm about to start a website design business to make some extra dough. (feel free to contact me if you want to be one of my first customers.) I am looking to find a setup that i can have as a goal to work towards. I'm looking to spend $250 to $350, on the entire thing. That includes: Headphones, Amp, DAC, or Amp/DAC. I've been looking at the Grado Sr80's or Sr125's. I...
I got the Zune HD for christmas, and as far as i can tel the sound quality is highly above average. I can't compare it to a Samsung P2 seeing as ive never heard (or seen) one. Other reviewers have said that the zune has even better sound than the touch, and the gui is amazingly well done. i got mine off of for $185 on sale for the holidays. its a great buy.
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