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Ok before I discovered the Moon Audio cables in my last post, I spent the afternoon doing the same thing tmazer did so I can use a common 3.5mm mini to mini. Here's what I did: Buy 2.5mm male to 3.5mm female adapter. Choose one where you can see by the shape that there is quite a bit of the smaller diameter of the 2.5mm to work with before it changes over to 3.5mm. Make sure the plastic is of a type you can shave down with a utility knife. I used this...
Every time my Momentum cable breaks I Google "Sennheiser Momentum Replacement Cable" and this thread comes up along with the UK company that sells OEM cables and the auction site that sells cables from China. I find the UK price and shipping too expensive for another OEM replacement so I have tried the "upgrade" cables from China. They are okay but stiff and eventually the housing at either ends comes undone. I have also waited nearly a month to get a cable from China...
I was looking for the same info and found this post. I just came from a local headphone store and tried the Momentums with whichever amps they had in store with my iPod mini. There weren't many choices: Fiio E6, E11, E12, NuForce MMP, JDS C5. The only amp that mad a distinct difference was the C5...but even more so after I used a Fiio LOD (L3 or L9). More clarity and liveliness.
  Lol, love the analogy, n3rdling!   Jamiee, thanks for piping up and for your detailed response. I am glad to get a point of view for option #1.   Correct me if I am wrong but there is a distinct difference between a power conditioner and a power regenerator correct? While power conditioners take the power from the wall and "cleans it' leading to potential restriction of dynamics, regenerators like the PS Audio P5 take dirty AC power coverts to DC and back to AC power...
Okay it looks like we have a clear winner in #2. Thanks guys.
Hi Everyone,   I don't have a lot of equipment--just enough to make a primary setup (in my signature). I have decent power cables and was going to buy a power conditioner (Acoustic Revive) but from reading around I became concerned with potential negative affects on the sound so I never pulled the trigger. Although my gear is plugged straight into the wall right now I really enjoy my setup--so much that I haven't been on Head-fi for a while.  But in a few months I...
  This is the ONE for me.  Originally thought about having a small collection of amps but no longer interested in anything else.
  I totally didn't understand what you were trying to tell me until read it several times.  It's amazing you just zeroed in on "until I heard it through a DAC".  Yeah I know what a DAC is.  Basically, the gist of my response to the OP is that I hear a bigger difference between DACs than amps.  
I used to think amps are more important than DACS until I bought a DAC. I never realized how artificial the piano sounded till I heard it through a DAC--as Currawong said the instruments sound more natural.    After buying my DAC, I switched from a $600 amp to a $2700 amp--the change was not as jaw-dropping or as big a jump as when I bought a DAC.
I am pleased to be the first to leave feedback for Jason.  He is decisive, polite, and responses to emails promptly.  Jason submitted payment right away and communication with him was flawless for the entire process.    Enjoy the amp!
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