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    I've only heard the HE-500 and Edition 8s on your list (and the predecessors to the Denons).  HE500 were very very nice but I wouldn't describe them as aggressive.  Edition 8s are very forward and exciting with many kinds of music, but I think you can do much better for the price with an open headphone.  For example RS-1 are as enjoyable and aggressive as the ED8 imo, and have a slightly more natural presentation (but worse positioning) for half the price.  From what...
Of the closed headphones I've heard, the most enjoyable were D5000, D7000 and Ultrasone Edition 8.  As much as I enjoyed the Denons, their v-shaped signature didn't suite my tastes for a more neutral sound.  D7000's bass was impressive and with some sorts of music, very satisfying.  D7000's treble was a little hard to take and I did prefer D5000's more tempered (but still intense) treble.  The sharp treble and relatively recessed mids of the Denons drove me into the...
      I'm guessing these are typos, but HE300, HE400, HD600 & HD650 are all open headphones.  Can't think of anything closed that has punchy bass, gentle highs and great soundstage, sorry.  SRH840 come close but they don't sound spacious at all.  Most closed headphones with strong bass also have rather pronounced treble (DT770, D5000, D7000 Edition 8) and many good ones are a little bass-shy (DT250, K271, SRH940).  HD600 would fit the signature but are open.  In your...
  SRH840 actually work very well without an amp.  They're extremely good closed headphones for the price.
Can't wait to hear it.  Loveless was a gift to us mortals- was a bit disappointed when Pitchfork kicked it out of 1st place for the most important album of the 90's.
  I owned the K271 and thought that they seriously lacked in bass.  I had a chance to compare them to a bunch of headphones and they had less bass than any other headphone.  Classical music was ok but this killed the fun with most other kinds of music.
I really preferred DT250-250 over DT770-80.  The DT770s had painfully sharp treble and one-tone ("THUMP") bass that I found had little definition unless they had serious amplification.  DT250 have much better tonal balance, much higher quality bass (not at all emphasized tho) and much better mids & treble.  DT770s soundstage is far bigger however.
  That's very high praise for the T50RPs.  Have you had a chance to a/b compare the two headphones?  I ever preferred the HE-500 to D7000 and Ultrasone Edition 8, that would really make them the ultimate closed headphone.
  Good to hear- I've been very curious about modded T50s as well.  It'd be interesting to hear them against your K500.  I'll be naked too, but will have ED8s and SRH940, would be neat to see how these headphones compare.  Nice amp, interesting name..
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