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meh.  My more-demanding LCD-2 out a $100 udac at safe listening levels sound almost indistinguishable from a $1200 Lavry DA11.  Sure there are differences, but not nearly as big as those between an HE-400 and a HE-500 
  Good choice.  With your budget I'm not sure why people are recommending HE-400..  Headphones are by far the most important chain in the link.  Amazing headphones + mediocre amp = amazing sound.  Mediocre headphones + amazing amp = mediocre sound.  
  Cross the border to our north or south and you only have to wait 5 years.      You're not flying halfway around the world for a headphone meet are you?  
  I hope that's just root beer in your mug.  
  To get you started, here is the piece of matlab code I used to do essentially the same thing, but for analyzing EEG (with options for normalization by log and square root).  The frequency ranges in the fourth line are relevant for brain activity but change them to whatever frequency ranges you need.     startPoint=1; endPoint=length(Signals);  %display of y axis: yUnit='power' or 'sqrt' or 'log' yUnit='power'; %energy of wave of each frequency fBands=[0.5  2.5  4.5...
  I owned and a/b compared D5000 to D7000, later the D7000 to HE500 and HE500 to LCD-2.  I slightly preferred D7000 to D5000, HE-500 were leagues better than D7000, LCD-2 edge out HE-500.  So, by memory, direct comparisons and the law of transitivity, I'd say that LCD-2 are much, much better than D5000 .  Bass of D5000 is a little more one-toned, but goes much deeper in LCD-2.  Planars' mids spank dynamics' imo and LCD-2 don't disappoint.  I think they're much better in...
Prometheus- 7/10  I really wanted to like it.  It seems like there could be a good story there but the characters are so rash and stupid that I started rooting for the aliens.  
    It was great fun.  Reading the classics also helps you appreciate the origins of ideas in many later sci-fi books.  For example,   The Forever War = Starship Troopers + Childhood's End Killing lots of aliens, losing touch with past world b/c time dilation of space travel   The Moon is a Harsh Mistress = Caves of Steel on the moon Computer becomes conscious, learns from human.  People live underground.   Ringworld = Rendezvous with Rama Big spaceship found,  superior...
  I'd chalk it up the inductive nature of human perception.  Kant was among the first to point it out, it's been richly detailed by biology (here's the pdf).
  None whatsoever.
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