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  My impressions exactly (hi again tdogzthmn).  This also describes the newest Mad Dogs.   Bluemonkeyflyer, would you be able to advise what parts of your DBV mods remedy (decrease) the midbass and increase the mids & treble?  Thank you for your efforts and advice..
  That's a tough one.  Many good closed headphones with decent bass lack soundstage and sound closed-in.  Denon D5000 have both and are extremely good headphones, very close to D7000 imo (D7000 have *slightly* more forward mids and tighter bass but worse/sharper treble).  You might also consider D2000 if you can find them.  K550 also do both pretty well, but are a bit less refined to my ears.  DT770 also have both but the bass is excessive, sloppy and one-toned unless you...
  Good closed headphones with emphasized bass, in order of quality imo (and cost) are D5000 > D2000 > K550 > UE6000 > SRH840 > M50 > M100 > DT770
  imo there are three headphones plateaus above the SRH840.  $250: SR225/DT880  $400: HD600  $700: HE500  They really tower over other headphones in their price range.  Beyond HE500 your price/quality graph flattens pretty steeply..   edit: oops, KG Jag said the same thing a couple of pages back.  Looks like we're in agreement. 
  Upgrading your amp/dac will have little on no benefit.  Upgrade your headphones, that will dramatically change the signature, maybe for the better if you choose well.   Go plug them into some monster receiver (even at a hi-fi store if you have to), I bet you the improvement will be small compared to your fiio.
Lol- in 3 out of 4 videos/pictures of me from the meet I am wearing MadDogs/modded T50RP in 3 different stations.  I think I was really curious about their sound..  In the other I was wearing HE-6 which I *loved*, I think that was the headphone of the meet for me.  I didn't listen to any Stax though, because I wanted to keep my auditioning (what did warrenpchi call it?) reality-based.   Yes, thanks uzi for the El Metate tip- you weren't kidding, the super chicken is the...
I'm a scientist, and do appreciate Husserl and Merleau-Ponty  but am a bit dismayed by the rudeness in this forum.  It really gives us empirical types a bad reputation in head-fi.  My apologies.
  M50s are very durable.  For your budget I'd recommend those or SRH840 (which are bigger but do fold up), their sound is more balanced and refined than V-moda.  They are easily the two best closed headphones in your price range.  
      It's ok, hundreds of (blind) audiophiles agree..  lossy files sound better!
    Heard the HE400 off a Magni yesterday and the results were spectacular.  Highly recommended 
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