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  I spent some time with the newest mad dogs and thought I heard an emphasis in the  ~50-150 Hz range and a dip in mid-treble ~2-10kHz, giving them a thick sound. Yet your comparison (which I trust more b/c you had them for much longer) finds that mad dogs are a little thinner and brighter relative to the paradox.  And I have LCD-2 which measure very much like paradox and to me have none of this bass hump and treble dip.  My brain hurts...  Could it have been the alpha...
Too bad you can't get an open headphone, HD600 or DT880 beat the pants off any closed headphone on your list (haven't heard the momentum, can't speak to those).  Heard the others and Mad dogs & K550 are the best on your list imo.  Both are very good for closed headphones but flawed.  K550 are fairly well balanced but have slightly weird/fake treble.  Modded T50RP are a very interesting option.  Some mods can measure perfectly.  But I heard one modded set that were all...
Logitech UE6000 do sound very good for noise canceling headphones and fit your budget.  You can read about them here at the link below.  Q15 sound ok but are more expensive less tonally balanced to my ears.   http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/innerfidelitys-wall-fame-full-size-sealed
^ very interesting citation.  That enzyme regulates degradation of dopamine and catecholamines, which are neurotransmitters involved in pleasure and mood, respectively.  i.e. increased action of the former is the basis of reward and is the target for all drugs of abuse, increased release of the latter is mechanism for antidepressants.  So altered regulation of mood and reward makes people susceptible to inconsistent experience of constant stimuli..
  I a/b compared lcd2r2 bamboo & rosewood.  The weigh difference was noticeable, sound difference was not.
Fundamental frequencies for voice are ~100-900 Hz for male voice & ~300 - 1500 Hz for female voice, which I'd call mids and maybe lower treble.  For that range HE-500 are hard to beat.  HD600 are also pretty special, really remedying the overshadowed singer you describe with the HD650, which sound more v-shaped to me with the dip where voices should go..  Don't get a closed can, none can do voice as well as an open can.  In your shoes I'd spring for HE500, they're a big...
If you're afraid of HE500's treble, what draws you to HD800?  I didn't mean to to say that the first have too much, just a little more than LCD-2 r1/2 and are closer to HD800 without (ahem) being excessive.  And LCD-2 doesn't have too much bass imo, it just doesn't drop off in the sub-bass like most (all?) other headphones & it is very very controlled.  I'm no basshead, I've sold off D7000, D5000, DT770, SRH840 for excessive bass lol.  Just be sure to get the bamboo...
  That was my bifecta.  To get music as deeply as possible in me head without bothering the wife & neighbors.
  I had both for a while & your description is spot on.  The only detail I'd add is that D5000 are also sorely lacking in mids & treble is sometimes excessive.
I much preferred HE-500 & LCD-2 to HD800.  In your shoes I'd get the former if you want soundstage & sparkle (what HD800 does well, or in excess imo) or LCD-2 if you like deeep bass and a ruler-flat signature.  Your amp will drive all 3 just fine.
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