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If you're afraid of HE500's treble, what draws you to HD800?  I didn't mean to to say that the first have too much, just a little more than LCD-2 r1/2 and are closer to HD800 without (ahem) being excessive.  And LCD-2 doesn't have too much bass imo, it just doesn't drop off in the sub-bass like most (all?) other headphones & it is very very controlled.  I'm no basshead, I've sold off D7000, D5000, DT770, SRH840 for excessive bass lol.  Just be sure to get the bamboo...
  That was my bifecta.  To get music as deeply as possible in me head without bothering the wife & neighbors.
  I had both for a while & your description is spot on.  The only detail I'd add is that D5000 are also sorely lacking in mids & treble is sometimes excessive.
I much preferred HE-500 & LCD-2 to HD800.  In your shoes I'd get the former if you want soundstage & sparkle (what HD800 does well, or in excess imo) or LCD-2 if you like deeep bass and a ruler-flat signature.  Your amp will drive all 3 just fine.
I'm with you - some of my favorite music is raw and made with very simple production (GBB's Bee Thousand, PJ Harvey 4 track demos, Sebadoh's Bakesale/The Sebadoh, Mountain Goat's Full Force Galesburg, Dum Dum Girls).  In fact one of my most discriminating tracks for demoing headphones is Sebadoh's So Long.  It has heavy distortion, clipped guitars and minimal production but I find that very few headphones can do justice to the bone-shaking drums, sweet vocals and guitar...
  No I flew here.  I'm here vising family in the bay area, I grew up in SF and Santa Clara.  
  Yes, sadly I've moved to Canada.  But I'll be in the Bay Area for another 9 days with my ED8, LCD-2, a car & access to chimichangas.  
HD800 are way too bright and who wants that much fake soundstage.       You're wrong and smell like elderberries.  
    Maybe we could have a mini-meet comparing the 900x, ED8 and Mad dogs.  I'll bring the burritos and beer.  
Call me crazy, but to my ears the HD650 sound too bright and LCD2-2r2 are just about right.  I switched from an HD600 to an HD650 and back to HD600 and it was like being in a warm shower, turning off the hot water and turning the hot water back on, I much preferred the HD600.  Going from an LCD-2r2 to an HE500 and back was similar, but maybe more like going from a little too warm to a little too cold, I couldn't decide which was better.  From these comparisons I don't...
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