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Um, Ultrasone ED8.  SRH-840 and Sennheiser Momentum are very nice but I haven't compared isolation with those.
M50 are much better than DT 770 pro imo- their intense treble can screech and bass is a sloppy bloated mess.  Don't bother with a dac- investing in headphones gives much more tangible improvement.  Amps can make a big difference with some headphones tho.
I was actually responding to op..
Everyone starts with 2nd tier headphones- at some point those are the best you've ever heard.   For the first time you hear something approximating what music is supposed to sound like, the feeling that for many of us kicked off this terrible obsession.
Re-reading the ASOIF series, on the 3rd book now.  Anyone want to start a betting pool for who will end up on the iron throne?  Ride the 3 dragons?  Becomes Azor Ahai?  
I'm a little late to the party, but I'd love to come.  I can bring an ED-8, RS-1, SE535, HF-1, Lavry DA11 depending on interest.  The 2013 bay area meetup was a treat- would love to do it again!
  HD600 would fit the bill nicely.  They are very versatile, have less aggressive treble than HD650 & DT990 and are much better than the closed headphones.
Looking for a stock 110v psu for a DacMagic.  For all you cats who upgraded your power supply, the old wall wart in the bottom of your closet is looking for a new home.  Shipping would be to Canada where it'd get free health care.
seriously?Wattage = volts * amperes
  I've heard all these but the lp2 (but have heard m100) and I'd rate their sound quality as: K550>SRH840>M50>M100.  All have good sound isolation.   So get the K550 unless you want emphasized bass and don't mind slightly smaller soundstage, in which case you should get SRH840 which deliver amazing sq for the price.  SRH840 perform very well without amplification  (sorry, haven't played with K550 with different amps).  If you want serious bass, the latter two will give it...
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