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Slowdive, Just for a Day -- if I'm not in the mood for it when it starts, I'm in the mood for it by the time it's over -- it has a very relaxing effect on me. I would almost say it measurably lowers my heart rate and probably blood pressure, only I've never measured it.
Considering how not into the rest of that scene I am, I really really love The Deftones. Especially the first three albums, Adrenaline, Around the Fur, and White Pony. I don't really know anything else like that -- have you checked out Devin Townsend? That's the only thing that comes to mind.
What? No, I was saying that Achtung Baby was U2's last hoorah. I pretty much didn't like anything that came after it, neither (in addition to Rattle and Hum).
You should definitely check out Fear of a Blank Planet, Deadwing, and The Incident next -- those four albums are "of a kind", everything before that wasn't as hard. Unless, of course, you want to hear "not as hard", in which case you should listen to other suggestions in this thread. My personal favorites are Stupid Dream and Sky Moves Sideways. In answer to the original question -- yes, I loved them on first listen. I still remember it -- I got the Stars Die single,...
Quote: Originally Posted by hardRAWKR Honestly, I think (hope) it's reached its peak. Because I doubt (hope) it could get much worse. (snicker) The loudness wars will continue. There will be many casualties. Unfortunately, it will be too many musicians, and not enough fat cat record company executives. Lou Reed will release Metal Machine Music II -- it will be nothing but 4x 17:59 of square waves, except for a brief spoken word interlude...
Quote: Originally Posted by kwitel Dusty-if its good for you, im gonna have to give it a couple more listens. Ive listened to it a good 5+ times and it just hasnt done it for me. No worries, it seems very few people have come around. My love for it has grown -- it's probably album of the year for me. I suspect it's not heavy enough for the metal crowd, and too heavy for everyone else -- which ends up being just right for me.
Me: Frost* -- Milliontown and Experiments in Mass Appeal are two of my most listened-to albums last year. Contemporary prog.
I would second Pelleas et Melisande. I am most familiar with the version from this disk: (with other works of the same name by different composers -- it's actually a really weird disk, and initially put me off from him by contrasting it against some really traditionally pretty music, but I eventually came around). ...and this: ...which makes much more sense, since it puts him with other members of his school.
Schubert's 2nd Piano Trio in E flat by the Beaux Art Trio. I don't normally mind them, but I think based on this performance alone, they should stick to truly romantic music. This piece of chamber music plays itself -- it should be played stately and 'correct', and they try to put too much of themselves into it, romancing the rhythm here and there. For some reason, it just curdles my blood -- I can stand just about any other interpretation of it, other than theirs.
I've got nuthin', but did you try Last.FM? You can skip the first couple -- people will always assume that another project with Emily Haines will sound like Metric, but personally, I like Metric, but don't 'get' at all Broken Social Scene, I just don't see it. I don't care if she was in both bands. So start with Tegan and Sara and work your way down. I kind of hear the Feist thing.
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