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Sold to Juggos !
Reserved for Juggos for now. 
Guess I should let you know that I figured it out after a few mind-boggeling hours... Grey-brown = ground  Silver-white = signal (L/R)
Hi,   I'm back again with another piece. This time it's my in-need-of-fix IEM Vsonic GR07 (MKII I think) that's been used for about 6 months. The plug went bad (was losing signal if I came near the plug) last winter and has not been used since. I resoldered it to a neutrik 3,5mm jack, but when tightening the cap I held the plug with a pair of pliers and "scarred" the plug itself (see pic) so the signal goes bad if you twist the plug... I spent about 3-4 hours getting the...
Emailed Vsonic and waiting for reply. Will post it here once it comes.
2 shields 2 positives. 1 of each pr drive. There are 4 sleeved and one open, I'm assuming the open one is just for protection of the other 4 (the 'one' is wrapped around the other 4 inside the outer sleeving). Can't figure out what is what though. Usually dark color is ground yes?
No technical insight at all.. :/
Hi,   I've been pulling the cord too much, and soon lost signal in the left IEM. So I'm changing the plug with a L shaped Neutrik plug. But I was met by 5 different ones when I cut the cable open. What is what here? The right one is ground I guess? Blue and dark-brown/grey is L and R? So what are the two white/silver colored ones..?
This thread is awesome! Who's awesome? You are!  I got a (well) used iPod 5th gen for 30USD and ordered a new front+back+clickwheel (15USD), plus a 32GB CF card (27USD) + CF to ZIF adapter (4USD) from ebay since the HDD was busted. Just waiting for the merchandise to arrive at this point. Are there any other mods I can do to improve the iPod? Like changing the battery for longer battery-life?? Thanks for being awesome folks.
Shure Foamies or "Jays foamies"   ??
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