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Cool, I'll have a look around local retailers for that sound card. PC has got a m-atx mother board so hopefully there is a compatible and available slot.  I use my cellphone for music when on the go, ZTE Blade v6 with Android.
Hi there,   My life (*cough* wallet *cough*) of 'audiophilia' has settled on three headphones: the DT770 80, the M50 and the GR07 Bass ed. And I am very much content with this line-up for my needs (for now!). The headphones are getting a lot of use on-the-go and when I'm in front of my PC (music/flac, games, and movies) and so I would like to try and pull out the remaining potential. If there is any. I was told there was some?   My question is: how can I spend 150$...
Hey guys. Tried searching for it here and on Google, but couldn't find a compilation of data on portable amp's & dac's similar to what's been done with the many IEM reviews here on head-fi.   The buying guide is somewhat outdated (2014), and I was wondering if there is a basic spreadsheet with some data on portable dac's and amp's?
Hi guys,   Looking to sell off this laptop to get some numbers out of the red.   This machine is great for photo, video, 3D and sound editing.   HP Zbok 17 - Windows 7 64-bits Professional  - 17" 1080p screen - Intel Core i7 4700MQ Quad core CPU - 16GB ram (2x 8GB) - HDD bay1: 120GB ssd - HDD bay2: 1000GB hard disk - Nvidia Quadro K4100M 4GB GDDR5   Worldwide shipping OK. DHL or similar express courier preferred, because insurance and tracking number is good...
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not for sale.
Hi guys,   I'm about to change apartments and I need a little extra £$€ to make the world go around.. Therefore considering to sell my portable workhorse:   HP Elitebook 8770w US-american keyboard 17" 1080p display 32gb ram (4x 8GB) Intel i7 3820qm quad core 250GB ssd Nvidia Quadro K4000M 4GB GDDR5   If there's no interest then I'm probably going to put it up for auction..   edit: some pictures, sorry for the bad quality..  
I mailed a Vsonic GR07 MKII bass edition to Brian about a month ago. Today, they returned. Mind you that I live in Norway and Brian works out of the West coast in the US.   The result is.. It's almost as if my IEM went through an episode of extreme makeover. I was especially impressed by how there are no signs of tampering on the shell or strain relieves! All in all it looks and feels like a high quality product, and being cheaper than buying a new IEM, Brian gets a...
Sold to Juggos !
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