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Hi guys,   I'm about to change apartments and I need a little extra £$€ to make the world go around.. Therefore considering to sell my portable workhorse:   US-american keyboard 17" 1080p display 32gb ram (4x 8GB) Intel i7 3820qm quad core 250GB ssd Nvidia Quadro K4000M 4GB GDDR5   If there's no interest then I'm probably going to put it up for auction..
I mailed a Vsonic GR07 MKII bass edition to Brian about a month ago. Today, they returned. Mind you that I live in Norway and Brian works out of the West coast in the US.   The result is.. It's almost as if my IEM went through an episode of extreme makeover. I was especially impressed by how there are no signs of tampering on the shell or strain relieves! All in all it looks and feels like a high quality product, and being cheaper than buying a new IEM, Brian gets a...
Sold to Juggos !
Reserved for Juggos for now. 
Guess I should let you know that I figured it out after a few mind-boggeling hours... Grey-brown = ground  Silver-white = signal (L/R)
Hi,   I'm back again with another piece. This time it's my in-need-of-fix IEM Vsonic GR07 (MKII I think) that's been used for about 6 months. The plug went bad (was losing signal if I came near the plug) last winter and has not been used since. I resoldered it to a neutrik 3,5mm jack, but when tightening the cap I held the plug with a pair of pliers and "scarred" the plug itself (see pic) so the signal goes bad if you twist the plug... I spent about 3-4 hours getting the...
Emailed Vsonic and waiting for reply. Will post it here once it comes.
2 shields 2 positives. 1 of each pr drive. There are 4 sleeved and one open, I'm assuming the open one is just for protection of the other 4 (the 'one' is wrapped around the other 4 inside the outer sleeving). Can't figure out what is what though. Usually dark color is ground yes?
No technical insight at all.. :/
Hi,   I've been pulling the cord too much, and soon lost signal in the left IEM. So I'm changing the plug with a L shaped Neutrik plug. But I was met by 5 different ones when I cut the cable open. What is what here? The right one is ground I guess? Blue and dark-brown/grey is L and R? So what are the two white/silver colored ones..?
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