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SHP9500 are great, but you can't replace the earpads which puts many people off buying them.
K240 - comfortable for long periods, lacking some sub-bass 'fun' I would chose the Superlux HD681 over the K240 for sheer price to sound performance ratio and similar build quality.   Sennheiser HD4.20S sounds VERY similar to the HD451 (both are good) but with a slight boost on bass and treble.  The HD4.30 is a good alternative if you love bass, as these are very bass oriented.   Hope this helps a bit. No idea about the other two.
There is no clear industry standard. I've see white used for right (vintage AKG springs to mind).Old Philips headphones are especially ambiguous.
Definitely.Actually the steel headband is kinda heavy, but I can still wear them for hours without pain.I will definitely try to source a lighter, more flexbible headband in the future, but for now, no issues.
I guess you mean "titanium coating"
Really? looks more like HD430 driver.I think HD414 drivers are smaller, no? Also there should be a CLEAR difference in audio quality/resolution between an HD414 driver and what looks like an HD430 (??)
Thanks for sharing. This totally puts off any interest I had in the HD230, which wasn't that much to start with since I've read that it sounds awful :D
I'm pretty sure it's not a Sony, but I don't mind being proven wrong.   I don't think Sony ever did a headband gimble like that.
I would start by going to a shop and auditioning as many headphones as possible, even headphones not listed here. Then go and read some reviews on the headphones you are interested in (and a few you auditioned that you liked), from the same reviewer(s).    This should give you a foundation of what kind of audio reproduction and headphone shape/size/weight suits your taste best.
The biggest problem with PCI-e cards is using the front-port that reaches this location with a bunch of unshielded wires which are susceptible to interference... and their cost.
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