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Everyone hears differently. I sometimes find the bass a little lean.
Too much blue/green ( I was going for a 'vintage'/bad-film photography look )
Did someone say Photoshop?  there... that's better 
0_o ......... That headphone sold over a year ago 
You sly dawg!  ... dang, they both look MINT... you don't need two though. I can help you with that problem. I'm kind like that. Well jell though... (next month can't come fast enough for me - got about 15 headphones coming in... probably nothing as exciting as an ss-100 though)
M2's have a VERY slightly leaner bass response, and don't dig as deeply as the original.Overall they're nearly identical in sound.
Looks like some no-name-brand el cheapo This is the closest thing I could...
While I've never owned or heard any of those, I'd simply go for the Hifiman because: - it's open-back which is often better for music sound quality  - it's bigger and probably more comfortable   If you do want a good mic for gaming though, you might want to consider a combo like Philips SHP9500 + Vmoda boom mic pro.   For competitive gaming, closed back headphones are better because they help isolate noises like melting GPU fans etc.
You could try experimenting by adding extremely thin fabric layers on top of the foam covering the driver. I guess you should try extremely tight, thin weaved fabric, so it holds back hair but doesn't affect the sound too much.  Anything you add will most likely have a slight muffling effect on the treble. 
 I'd be wary of T40's. I'm not saying you SHOULD'NT try modding one, but my modded T20 sounds glorious - very even sounding - basically identical to a properly modded T50.But my T40 with EXACTLY the same mod (removed vent covers to make it semi-open) had incredibly shrill highs. So there is definitely some driver variation which makes the T40s more of a challenge. (oh hey! another Frankfurter )
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