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Starbound - 7/10   I've had it since December 2013 and it's finally come out of alpha. So far, only 48 hours of gameplay, but with the latest update that will soon bloat.   There's been huge leaps and bounds in development since it first came out, and now it's a rather enjoyable, medium/slow paced casual game with a more intuitive progression and a sort of 'play how you like' approach. You can pretty much ignore the primary mission and still enjoy the game through...
Also illegal if you don't own the original hard or digital copy at home. As the OP said :Meaning - they don't own the music at all.
• Why hate something so much if you simply don't enjoy it? (bashing without any scientific evidence - yet you use the word 'objectively')  • Also why insult the people that do enjoy them?  Please answer, I want to know. • Wasn't bashing them last year in November enough for you? - http://www.head-fi.org/t/788883/momentums-are-beats#post_12104869Now you've come back to have your say again?
Already looks half way destroyed to me.Those indents on the diaphragm need to be popped back out VERY carefully. Without doing so can likely result in some buzzing at lower frequencies and distortion. You will need something thin and small like a pencil - DO NOT use a screwdriver, as the driver magnet will jump up to the metal of the screwdriver and will damage the driver even further.Then put a small piece of double sided tape to the end of the pencil/pen (or similar...
I think many will agree --> don't bother.
I can't answer your first question, but question 2 - Magni is designed to drive headphones up to 600 ohms and will do so.   However many people find that when using a more expensive and often more powerful amplifier, things like dynamics are more nuanced and bass often becomes tighter and more articulate. This is mostly referred to as 'scaling' - some headphones simply won't sound much better with high end equipment, since they're naturally unable to make use of it, but...
Assumptions are highly frowned upon on headfi. It actually goes against the Terms of Service to give advice on headphones you've never heard.It actually says "Please don't recommend... equipment you don't own" but it's as long as you're clear that you've auditioned a headphone, then those reading it can take an even bigger pinch of salt based on others' limited experiences.Although more experienced users tend to trust and follow other users or reviewers who consistently...
1 • Sound purifier / Amp / Simple EQ / Crossfeed / Resistor adapter / CTIA-OMTP switch - for mobile phones  2 • On/off switch for Purifier / Resistor / EQ / Crossfeed / Amp / Resistor / Mic / CTIA-OMTP switch - - -  Or a Selector switch for different modes of low/high resistance, low/high EQ or FR boost, low/high crossfeed, low/high gain/amplification 3 • On/off switch to preserve battery life - enter Charge-mode / CTIA-OMTP switch
You believe? It either will or it won't.Sounds like you're recommending headphones without owning or auditioning them.
Ah, yes I have heard of this kind of thing before. Instead of simply being direct and honest about the mistake, they assure the customer that they havn't made any errors.   I guess the culture in China is to reassure the customer that everything was always fine, whereas western culture often has suddenly more respect for people when they immediately own up to their flaws/mistakes. 
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