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Hmm.. seems to be a similar confiuration (notice the 3 larger baffle vents in the background) and perhaps even the same driver as the Onkyo ES-HF300
Cheers, looking forward to the measurements. I'm not a fan of K240's generally either... mostly because they all sound different (big generalization). Out of three I've heard, only the early production version sounded good to me. it was definitely a bass-heavy version, but those are the most difficult to find, and even once you get one, it doesn't stack up against some other vintage stuff, despite having one of the sweetest/lush midranges of any headphone ever produced. 
Did you ever hear the K280 Parabolic?Those sounded pretty janky to me. I wonder how different they are to the Playback.
LCD2 and HE-500 are about the same weight.. so yeah.. they're heavy.
What if the earpad and foam I'm using now are better? 
 I feel like a bigger story would be told if a couple of stock Grado measurements were posted alongside for comparison.SR80 or SR225 would probably be best as they're the most popular.I know it's a lot to ask, but would that be possible?
 HD430 (apologies for the cross-post - pic features in the 'Pics of Headphones' thread)     I have to say, I'm really enjoying these.  I've only put on other headphones the past two days just to briefly compare with this.   First of all I was surprised how large these are. I always pictured them a bit smaller in my mind, but they're in the same size league as the DT880. Right now it's got K550 earpad clones (from HK eb@y) and HD600 baffle foams, which I find a...
UK is still in the EU 
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