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Also depends on the sensitivity of the drivers, as the impedance only tells half the story. My iPod Classic I think managed to drive some headphones up to somewhere around 80-100 ohms, but they were more sensitive drivers... doesn't mean it sounded very good though.
Pic of DT170 driver.   Sadly I don't think I can tear down the DK170 any further.  See the four openings? you can depress 4 tabs inside to separate the two halves of the shell, but the first tab I depressed practically disintegrated.... and I wouldn't want to open it up and not be able to put it back together again.   But the dust-cover/earpad baffle thingy, just twists off and clicks in place in the four openings. Pretty cool design.
Tempting...I'll give these a good listen this week and if I feel I could use the extra soundstage I may get back to you on that.  I somehow managed to take those photos and photoshop them, so I can't have been too far gone  (but the missus would probably disagree )  True. The cheap and often overlooked Sony DR-7 also performs well for a very cheap paper cone driver. They're around 70-75mm diaphragms... certainly nothing that will blow you away in terms of resolution or...
As 'promised', two new photos. I've been waiting for one of these for quite a few years, but never saw one tempting enough. I would have preferred to try out the semi-open version as that is the more widely preferred model (as I've read), but these are near mint and I can (and will) use these as portable headphones due to less leakage. These also came in the original box, but no documentation.  Already cleaned up and replaced the crumbly  internal foam; might try...
I suppose this is greatly dependent on the music one has and listens to.  In my quest for portable-closed back headphones, one of my biggest obstacles was peaky treble in too much of my music (which is mostly a variety of rock, although I do listen to whole bunch of other genres too) and the Momentum just solved this problem.
When you say "lacking clarity" you make it sound like the detail is missing. I never feel these lack clarity, only some treble volume, sometimes.
I saw an OEM or more likely a clone of these a couple of weeks ago but decided to pass as I don't have a suitable amp for these... under the assumption they were designed with a specific type of amp in mind. If it was branded Realistic it would have been a much harder decision.   (and I have 2 new headphones to post up soon, nothing too exciting though)
I find it easily makes a good outdoor counterpart to my indoor-only HE-500. Sure, it doesn't have the same air, soundstage and fine details... well... they're entirely different sound signatures and presentations, but when I'm on the move I'm never in an environment where I'm truly listening to the music... mostly just hearing it; but I'm never left wanting for more. Only if it's a super-dull recording I might want a bit more treble, but I would usually consider these...
*troll-mode activate*No. 
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