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Wuh? 95 euros for Custom One Pro? I can't get it less than 150... I say go for it!
I disagree.I've never heard anything like this from cheap soundcards or on-board (motherboard) soundcards. 
You don't need noise cancelling to prevent 'sound leakage'. Just a decent headphone.   TBH, you're better off spending less on something like a Panasonic RP-HTX7 or a Philips SHB7000 (both around 40 euros). The only decent headphones up to 100 euro are all sort of too big for public use or on-ear headphones which aren't so comfortable and can leak more as they don't seal as well as around-ear headphones. Then the next step up you're spending in the 120-150 euro range,...
Have you checked for rogue loose hairs? If it's clean, sounds like you could have a faulty set.
Just on a side-note, the Philips earpads are surprisingly comfortable, but the fabric does tend to 'catch' on my beard and face stubble when around my neck, which usually means taking them off and putting them on my desk or PC monitor instead of around my neck. The Beyerdynamic fabric does this to a much lesser extent, which may be favourable for around-the-neck wearing folk.
Sorry but I really don't think the OP will appreciate using any of these on the bus.
Audio Technica M50  Sony MDR-1R
I've only read what other people have said about the 'fake' pads from china, and the word is that they kill the soundstage. This is probably because they don't have vents at the back of the pads (which help the bass thump) - although some people chose to close these up to make a more neutral sound, but more critically, they're not as big as the originals, which means the drivers are closer to your ears and the chamber size is reduced.    Not to discourage you. I've had...
Aww... isn't it cute.
To me that's the coolest thing about it. It's the attention to little details that makes this headphone interesting... because I think it's one of the ugliest I've ever seen.
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