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• Quick unboxings - some unboxing videos are WAY too long and boring and often very repetitive. • Accurate quick descriptions on aesthetics and materials.• Ergonomics (applies mostly to headphones and portable devices)• Technical features addressed briefly throughout the video at strategic moments and not lumped together  - For example if it's a bluetooth headphone, only talk about battery life and charging times etc when you get to the 'experiences of using the headphone...
Makes good business sense to me. M.2 essentially 'corrected' all the flaws following the most common complaints regarding size and portability.They also kept the overall sound objectively almost untouched. (if your ears were too big for the M1's please don't argue about how different they sound).
If you're using a Windows PC, have a look at your PLAYBACK device, double click on your primary output device and go to the ENHANCEMENTS tab. Make sure this is disabled.  Sometimes the manufacturer's default setting has some of these enhancements on by default, but they can do weird things to the sound.    Other than that, the only thing I can think of is that the media player you're using has a volume control that over-amplifies. VLC has this feature, where you can...
First thing to do is try the headphones on another source. mp3 player, mobile phone etc.   Then we'll know if the problem is the headphone or the laptop.
Velour will almost certainly kill the bass response.So I highly doubt it.
Original Hifiman velours come pretty close to stock pads in sound.I havn't tried out the Focus pads though. 
You know this is a headphone forum, right?
I never owned the 410 or 424, but the 414 I know is VERY power hungry. You won't be able to run properly it with any consumer DAP, mobile phone etc.    In fact you would a fairly powerful amplifier to get it sounding it's best.
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