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Try adding another set of foams OVER the stock foam ear pads. The extra distance from your ear to the driver should decrease bass and mid volume, thereby making treble appear louder.   If you don't have any spare foam earpads, you could cut out thin circles of acoustic foam or other acoustically transparent materials and sandwich it between the headphone and the stock ear pad. But there won't be much room at all for anything thicker than 2mm foam.    Third option is...
I've had my fun, now it's time to let these go into the wild. I do not wish to sell these separately. I think the Eagle still has some extra damping material, so technically it's not stock, but they are all unharmed.   Realistic Pro 30 Eagle H4300 (Sawafuji SF-16) Boots H3000 (X2) (Sawafuji SF-7ST) Sound Track 42-200 (Sawafuji SF-17) Watson Mod. 930 Maeden Sound MD-756VR   As far as I know, there are 4 other SFI models missing from this collection.
After some more serious modding the acoustic lens with various materials and sizes i've concluded that the FR cannot be evened out with such methods. The biggest 'problem' (if you see it that way) is the earpads.   If the ear pads are thinner, the FR becomes more balanced, but the soundstage suffers a lot.
Try pushing the headphone closer to your ears (making the pads smaller).This should clear up some of the sound problems you're hearing. I really think they should have released it with shallower ear pads. 
OK boys and girls, let me tell you a story...   One fine day, greq realized he was in possession of an unusually large  and pointless array of what surely seemed the worst that headphonedom  has ever spawned from the depths of it's gloomy bowels.    He thought to himself "surely, I'm not a hoarder.... am I?"     So he set about to rectify this embarrassment, for fear of bringing shame to his ancestors and fellow headphone-loving cohorts.     Within hours,...
How do these compare to other popular closed back headphones?(Sennheiser Momentum, Sony MDR-1R, NAD HP50, Onkyo ES-HF300, Skullcandy Aviator, Panasonic HD10 etc etc etc) Your review doesn't go into a lot of detail in this regard, so it's difficult to place it anywhere other than "they are not a Beats sounding headphone".
If you like the ASE-50, check it out in full black (headband is polished metal, it's just reflecting the black surroundings) 
Using Chrome browser, right-click on the image and select "Search Google for image". This won't work for recent or new images, since reverse image searches work by running the image past an image cache that is growing daily.
 A reverse image search lead me to the original owner on head-fi.Goes by the username: GreatDane Found this post: http://www.head-fi.org/t/536200/post-pics-of-your-modded-headphones-any#post_7234559
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