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Putting pressure on pleather pads may stretch and deform it over time. Velour or soft fabric pads suffer much less from this kind of treatment.   It's especially bad to put pressure on the pads or headband for long term storage (months).
It's also entirely possible I'm just getting a proper seal with a circumaural pad, rather than the flat pads which I felt didn't seal properly. I can roll a few pads this evening to try to get a better understanding of this. 
A larger hole in the pads SHOULD give bigger bass slam. That's what I'm feeling using my custom pads on the RP18.
Haha.... that's almost certainly a composite image.Mostly hifiman + AKG sticker and different cable strain relief.
I think these have good sub-bass emphasis: • B&W P7• Focal Spirit One (newer models should be similar/better, but never heard them) Or consider getting planar headphones. They tend to have superior sub-bass performance compared to dynamics.But all of these are $$$...  If I remember correctly, the Onkyo ES-HF300 had great extension, but I think it's a bit too boomy for your taste.Just thinking out loud here.
Do the Shure pads cover some of the outer circumference of the driver ear-side?
I think the main point is that we're all part of a community that shares a lot already, giving free information if you will... and some of 'us' put a lot of time and energy into finding these hidden gems.... so sometimes 'we' want something back, but simply publishing it out there for the lurkers wastes that time and effort and makes it harder to 'get something back' after all the energy put into making the community better.
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