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Thanks to all the guys for encouraging me to go out and get some conductive ink. I found some silver ink for model train sets locally.    There is life once more in the driver. It functions beautifully. On full range sweeps I think it dips a tiny bit in the upper treble, which is minor in my opinion. Otherwise it sounds great :)   I guess pics will follow soon 
Nah... I doubt they'd get messed up over time unless you stored them in a weird place, like in direct sunlight or a damp corner under the kitchen sink.
As long as its normal, pH-neutral hand soap or laundry detergent, it doesn't really matter since it won't do any damage to your cable however you decide to apply it. I always apply liberally because I'm too lazy to do multiple washes for anything.   Just dont use anything abrasive that will cause the fabric to fray.
Sounds weird... Not sure why there'd be any significant distortion from breaking a cable.   Just replace the plug yourself cheaply, or find a hobbyist or friend to do it for you.
Not 100% necessary since you can disable your on-board sound in the operating system, but doing this will help avoid all/most troubleshooting and conflicts one might encounter in the vast almost infinite possibilities of hardware combinations.
Silica gel won't do anything about the smell.   Just treat the cable like you would any piece of fabric. I wouldn't recommend putting any cable in a washing machine, but by all means give it a good wash with gentle detergents/soap. As long as you let it fully dry out, there will be NO damage to the cable and no risk to your headphone.   If the smell doesn't come out after a good wash or two, give the cable a 'coffee bath' .. just let the coffee cool down  before...
Both drivers now suffer from incurable driver flex. I simply can't use these any more.  They barely survived 50 hours of infrequent use.
If only I still lived in London 
I don't wish to misguide/mislead you, but perhaps you simply need to try a cheap, non-destructive and reversible mod instead. http://www.head-fi.org/t/692494/hifiman-fuzzor-mod-driver-backwave-felt-damping-modification   This 'fuzzor' mod simpy requires a bit of time, a steady hand and some patience. I found positive results in taming unwanted treble resonances/reflections and have not removed the felt since installing it.    A lot of planar type headphones respond...
+1 With a few simple mods these can also be transformed into 'bass-head for beginners'.I think these are one of the biggest hidden gems of modern headphones. 
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