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+1 I'm currently using the KZ ATE. (around $10)All round it's the best IEM i've ever owned and has astonishing sound quality for the price. (I also own Atomic Floyd Hidef Jax and Philips SHE990 - both very respectable IEMs)
I'm pretty sure it's dangerous to walk through traffic no matter what's on your head. 
That's definitely a wise decision. let us know how it goes if you do ever go full Diablo on it :)
I noticed there are some DIY speakers from KZ - they make some of the best value for money IEMs in the world, I would be tempted to have a look at those first.
You could try holding the cups together and take a hair dryer to the headband, then let it cool down in the 'clamped' position... (?) I have no idea if that would actually work... also you might have to take care not to overheat the headband sponge.
I've read about them only. I thought it was interesting how they had a driver distance adjustment feature so adjust the soundstage and perceived frequency response. But I was never curious enough to buy one since they usually sell for more than I'd like to pay for the kind of sound quality I expect from it.
It's been like that for months.
1) 189,987 2) 179,971 3) 169,961
How convenient ... (for the seller)
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