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I just got a Smyth Realiser and now I'm a believer in the awesomeness of both the Realiser and surround sound music.  Just to confirm:  Is there any way to get 5.1 channels out of the PWD?  How about the Direct Stream?
Same thing happened to my pair.  Ultrasone USA sent me some replacement adhesive rings and new pads (which you don't really need, but are nice to have).  Just make sure you remove the cloth lining over the drivers (if you choose to put the new pads on), since the pads have cloth linings of their own.
Question about storing the 009s long-term:   I'm going to be moving soon, and I have 2 options:  Either take my 009s with me on a trans-Pacific flight using a Pelican case, or store the 009s in the original wood box where they'll be transported through humid climates and on board ships for about 2-3 months.   Which is the safer option?  Is the wood box really as good as Stax claims it is for limiting the potential damage of humidity?
This is a pair of XLR-XLR interconnects with Whiplash Audio's TWag v.2 Eclipse silver cable, terminated in cryo-treated, carbon fiber XLRs made by Cryoparts.   I bought these new, directly from Craig at Whiplash.  Price includes shipping within CONUS and PayPal fee.  If you live outside of COnUS, please PM me for a shipping estimate.
After much thought, I've decided to part with my Liquid Lightning amp.  I bought it directly from Cavalli about a year ago.  It's in excellent condition, with no visible scratches or signs of wear.  I've kept it covered with a dust cover when not in use.  It comes with the original cloth cover and manual.   I'll include a pair of XLR-XLR interconnects with Whiplash Audio's TWag v.2 Eclipse silver cable, terminated in cryo-treated carbon fiber XLRs made by Cryoparts....
For sale is a rarely-used, like new and beautifully crafted female Kobiconn (RSA/MK3B) plug to a 1/4" Cryoparts stereo plug.  The cable is a Whiplash TWag v.2 with Eclipse coating.   This interconnect can be used with headphones that are terminated with a Kobiconn connector so that they can be plugged into a 1/4" stereo amp.  Kobiconn connectors are used with the RSA SR71-b and ALO MK3b amps, among others.   Price includes shipping within CONUS and PayPal fee.  Thanks...
My dealings with Ultrasone Germany and US--to get an extended warranty and to get replacement earpads--were very pleasant.  They were responsive and friendly.  But then again, I never had to send my headphones back to them, and when I was dealing with them Randy was still there.     Sad to hear that their service seems to have dipped, I hope they get your headphones back soon.
I'm selling a never-used Audeze cable which can be used with any LCD headphone, single-ended (1/4") termination.   It's still in the original packaging and is in mint condition.  Audeze sells it for $80 (plus shipping), but I'm selling it for $35 including Priority shipping within CONUS and PayPal fee.   This is the latest version of the cable, ADZ6B4, which has improvements from Audeze's original stock cable.
This is a beautifully-made, almost never-used interconnect.  It features:   -- Cryogenically treated female XLR plugs from the late, great Lee of Cryoparts -- Silver TWag cable made by Whiplash Audio -- Wooden divider -- Male Kobiconn plug, which can be used with the Ray Samuels SR-71B amp or the ALO Audio MK3B amp.   You can use this to connect headphones which have XLR terminations to one of the aforementioned amps, or to output from a balanced DAC to one of the...
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