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Back to the subject of the CF weave... Am I the only one who thinks the weaves on the newer units look a little "Charlie Brown"-esque? They're a bit too straight for me. What I like about the design on mine (and it seems, most of the older units) is that the weave pieces don't connect and form straight lines. They have a bit more of a rough, unique look while still looking symmetrical and parallel.
 Do you hear hiss with the Layla and the Hugo?  How about with the Rx and Layla?   Just wondering, because the Hugo is a fine source and seemingly decent amp, but it produces very audible hiss for me with both my Angies and UERMs.  I liked the Rx MK3-B with full-size headphones, but that amp was very poor with IEMs due to the high gain/high hiss level.
I got a chance to hear the Layla at Jaben in Singapore last week.  I didn't bring my Angies with me, but after owning them for a month, I feel pretty comfortable giving impressions about how they compare.   Bottom line for me was that the Layla, while slightly better in many ways than the Angies, didn't strike me as being overwhelmingly better overall.  With the bass dial at about 1:00 on the Laylas, which is where I have my Angies, I felt the Laylas had a bit more...
 The cable on your Angies is shorting out?  Hard to believe the cable isn't covered under the warranty, especially since it's not a cheap throwaway cable like most that are included with IEMs. I'm already noticing the weave on my cables coming undone a bit, nothing major but a bit unnerving, especially in light of your cable failure.  Overall though, the cable is very non-microphonic, which I like.
 I don't recall anyone else saying the Layla/Angie are mid-forward, can you clarify what setting you had the bass dial on?  Was this just a short audition, and what was your source? Just curious, since it seems most people who have an issue with these IEMs think they're V-shaped.
Wow, so it sounds like your midrange drivers just got disconnected entirely? Can you describe the change in more detail? Yet another sign of poor QC, although (fingers crossed) my pair are still going strong. I think these are keepers for now, but I'll get a chance to hear the Laylas soon.
I'm not a stage performer or a mixing engineer, but I don't see why the UERMs wouldn't work well for stage use.  The only thing I can think of is that their neutrality, especially in the bass, might make it harder to feel the rhythm or to hear certain parts of the mix if there's a lot of ambient noise.   But they respond very well to EQ, so if you need a little more thump and low-end rumble, they're capable of that.
Just a few quick HE1000 vs. 009 notes before I go to sleep, for anyone who's starved for preliminary impressions: Tracks like "War" from the binaural album "Explorations in Space and Time" sound awesome from both headphones, but just slightly more dynamic and percussive from the HE1000. The 009s feel a bit more like a traditional headphone, with more of an inside-head presentation. The low rumble and raspiness of brass instruments come through more vividly on the...
Sorry, I'm actually in Beijing right now.  Hopefully you guys won't have to wait too much longer!   In the mean time, queue up your playlists of your favorite test tracks.  You'll want to begin re-experiencing your favorite music from the get-go with these things.   Gonna do some comparisons with my 009s now...
 I just posted my early impressions of the HE1000 with my Hugo. Listening to Oliver Nelson's "Stolen Moments," a track I've probably heard 300 times.  But when Nelson's tenor solo came in, I got shivers.  Unreal imagery, could feel the acoustics of the venue, and his sax had a nice earthy bite to it.
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