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Quote: Originally Posted by Azure Would you describe the sound of the DAC as warm or cold? nice and warm
whoo,(wipes forehead and takes a breather), thanks guys, this is turning out to be a behemoth of a list and they all sound real good. Thanks to torrent, im able to test them out all. Muahahaha
You can do battleship! Did this for one of my cs courses and although it was text based and primative, it was fun. Give it a shot. You will learn alot in the process including recursion. Whee!
Quote: Originally Posted by citywithoutmetal this guy is okay.. it's not the full solo :/ me likes!
Quote: Originally Posted by wax4213 Dream Theater has some of the most incredible guitar solos I've ever heard. John Petrucci is an amazing guitarist I'm a huge fan of the song "Hollow Years" on the Live At Budokan concert, the studio version isn't so good. The guitar solo in that is one of the best I've heard. Other places to look for great guitar solos: Paul Gilbert, Yngwie Malmsteen (nearly everything is a guitar solo, neo-classical rock), Joe...
Thanks guys for the input. I will definately check them out. I listen to all sorts of genres, so anything is cool as long as it sounds good. Ive actually been listening to alot of power metal lately, to name a few kamelot, avantasia, sonica artica, therion, rhapsody and some heavier stuff like metalica, arch enemy, and im checking out avenged sevenfold atm. Keep them coming
Hey guys, looking for any type of bands with excellent guitar solos. Ive listened to your pink floyds, rhapsodys, hendrix. But of course, im looking for more head banging goodness. Progressive metal, rock, any genre for that matter with good guitar solos, please fire away!
Anastasios purchased my zhaolu. He asked all the right questions and a great person to deal with. I would not hesitate to deal with him again. A great overall transaction.
Quote: Originally Posted by Azure Any update? Here are some quick impressions, but i had to sell my zhaolu to finance some books for school. From what i remember, both dacs are great and have their strong points. The zhaolu being the more expensive dac still sounds better to me than the dac in the box. The zhoalu has better imaging, treble extension and sound staging. It just sounds like an expensive device. Dont get me wrong though, the dac in...
I'm pretty satisfied with my rig. Music matters more to me than my equipment, so i have been living the "ignorance is bliss" theme for months. I cant say i want to upgrade any further, unless something cosmic jumps out at me. Till then, i'm done.
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