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Quote: Originally Posted by swt61 I owe a big deabt of gratitude to aznsensazian for bringing this amp to my attention! It's the best amp I've experienced with the K340's. I enjoy it more than the Singlepower PPX3 SLAM I heard recently. No need to thank bro, im just happy that you are enjoying the k340/darkvoice combo as much as i am. Ive had some bad moody days, but one listen on the rig and a grin breaks out on my face and im happy again. Music...
There is definately a nice synergy between the k340 and the darkvoice like no other amp ive heard. Pair it with a nice source and you are in music heaven. Im using a rca vt-231/6SN7gt grey glass tubes for the front tube atm and it sounds wonderful with the k340. Other honorables include hytron or cbs 5692 - great detail tube. Kenrad vt-231/6SN7gt black glass - powerful bass for bass shy phones, also great for k340s. The last and imo best 6SN7 money can buy is the Tung Sol...
wow, just performed the tape mod on my k340s a few minutes ago and i have to say i am impressed. I didnt do this before, thinking it will take the air out of the sound, but dang, im wrong. It actually gets rid of some resonance issues i used to have with the k340 and tightens and increases the bass some. Pretty cool mod and simple to boot. Now i cant wait for my stax sr-x to come so i can finally do some comparisons.
Add me to the stax team Was finally able to snag a pair off ebay for a good price. How good are the srd-7 transformer boxes? Better than the srd-6 i assume? Now is the waiting time, gosh darn, i want my stax!
count me in
sounds good
hmmm, for $100-150, you have several options: 1) pint 2) little dot 2 3) used perreuax shx-1 4) home-vibe 5) maybe a used head-five? 6) and probably others i cant think of right now, but which is a better option for the hd580, well i think i will let others voice their opinion on that Ill be the first to say it, welcome to head-fi, sorry about your wallet! HA
If anyone has a pair that they would like to sell, please notify me. Thank You, Minh
I <3 Head-Fi!
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