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Quote: Originally Posted by wualta Minh, you devil-- why were you trying to snag a second pair? You must be getting ready to modify the first pair, right? If that's true, let us in on what you have in mind. Sorry for the REALLY late reply, but better late than never I wanted a second pair because my first pair has a channel imbalance of about 40/60 and it was really bothering me for awhile. But i just recently scored a jvc reciever at...
Quote: Originally Posted by umar456 I have been lurking around this site for a couple of weeks and i would be very interested in a meet. i am new to the audiophile comunity so all i have is HD650 which should be comming in a couple of days. I cant wait to try those on. Hey!! I live in the morrow area. Nice to know there are headfiers in that region. Anyways, im in. Equipment will include... headphones: modded akg k340, stax srx mk3, sony...
Quote: Originally Posted by SonicDawg I will bite I thought you bypassed the pcb? I dont see that done in the pic?
Here is one from my old stanton srs-265. I didn't take one for my k340 yet cause i'm enjoying them too much right now
wow, those are dead sexy! Now lets see some of that work done on your k340s
I recently got my roommate into headphones. He recently purchased an hd580 based on my recommendation and now he is hooked. He just registered here at headfi and is already looking into getting a good amp and dac for the senns. I guess the evil continues
Quote: Originally Posted by digitalmind The absolute most important thing I noticed about the K-340's is that they require a good seal to sound anywhere near their potential. Make sure you're getting a good seal all around, press down on the lowerback ends of the earcups to see if there's an improvement. Filling up the pads was the largest difference to me so far. I agree, getting a good seal is really important in providing a full presentation....
Quote: Originally Posted by SonicDawg I have to respectfully disgree here. By taping up ventilation, there is just not enough air to create bass. I have tried this mod on my pair, and the resulting sounds is completely off to me. The bass becomes complelely anemic, and lacks engery. The highs on the other side becomes piercingly present, as the bass diminishes. Well, after some more long term listening, im beginning to agree with you here....
Try some Hill Song United Live cds, great choral background and band. They are mainly a praise and worship band, but the intimate sessions are really great.
IT, that clown was mad freaky yo!
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