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Bought some cool tubes from fitz. Great guy to deal with and one AWESOME headfier YEAH!
For portable use and around $60ish(maybe a little more) can get you this... 1) Xenos OHA-RHP here 2) Your basic cmoy here 3) Go-Vibe here 4) Little Dot Micro+ here 5) Faith amp here 6) Rockman Bass Ace here 7) Project Head Box MkII here 8) Or the famous boosteroo (jk of course, dont get this crap) here 9) Headroom Total Air-head (very good and reliable amp) here 10) and last but not least for ipod fanatics - Simpl A1 amp here Have Fun!
Quote: Originally Posted by Fr. John OK, that's it. I just ordered the 501s, $99 with free shipping from samedaymusic.com. Thanks for all the help. Now for the amp! Congrats on the purchase. Im sure your father will be estatic to listen to his music collection again with more detail. As for an amp, imo, i don't think you will gain much from a cmoy type amp, ie-pa2v2, cmoy, ld micro. If you really want to drive the k501 with authority, look...
Here is a frequency chart of both headphones. You be the judge
Quote: Originally Posted by Fr. John OK, before biting the bullet I feel I need to throw a wrench into the works. As I stated, he listens to pretty much 100% Classical. The listening will be divided between his laptop and his 256k MUVO, which does NOT have a lot of output. When cycling he will use his Creative CX300s. That said: - I'm a bit concerned about the LDM not being very portable for use while cycling, as the PA2V2 clearly is. - On...
Heres another amp by the same manufacturer that might be better if you dont want to get into tubes. The little dot micro plus can be used as a home amplifier using its included power supply. And combined with the k501, you are way below your $200 budget. You can grab one here. I used to own both the little dot 2 and micro and they both power the k501 fine and sound pretty good to boot. The little dot 2 sounds a little warmer compared to the micro, but both provide...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fr. John OK, I'm getting a little swamped here. Someone steer me in the right direction: In the $200 or less range should I be looking at a set of cans & an amp or spend the whole amount on just cans? Whats the best combo? Remember, this is mostly for laptop/mp3player use. For classical, the AKG K501 are the best suited in this area and in your price range. You can grab it here for $99shipped and the rest can be...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr Do Who was the first to bite the bullet and get a Darkvoice? Isn't that the same situation I'm in here? My guess is this is built to the same level as the low end Antique Sound Lab's line of amplifiers... hopefuly better. Does anyone remember the ASL wave 8 mono blocks for $99 each here in the U.S? Enjoy. DO! umm....that would be me
Mine is usually at 9-10 with a pair of modded k340s. But that may change, as i am planning on recabling my 340s again! Ay, Caramba. Gonna try 100% OFHC copper this time around
Again, nothing special here either, but it serves its purpose.
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