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Quote: Originally Posted by Azure I was thinking about getting the Samsung as a backup in case the all the 22" Westy monitors were gone. How is it? I was concerned about it because there was barely any information about it online. I love it. The widescreen is great and magicbright options allows me to set my screen according to different situations such as gaming, movies, etc. I thought about the westinghouse, but couldn't push myself to pay $70...
haha, just got this samsung 19inch lcd monitor for $130 on black friday at best buy. I got there at 3:30am, hoping to grab that toshiba laptop for $250, but there were already 500-600 people waiting in line. So no luck for that, but i got my second choice which was this nice lcd monitor. After i grabbed one, and there were like 8 left, i swear after like 5 minutes, i turned around and they were gone. Wow, these things sell like hot cakes. Anyways, im happy i got one and...
And if you are going to recable them, use copper. I did the switch from silver plated copper to copper the other day and wow, what a huge difference i have been missing, especially bass Edit - we should have an Akg k340 congregation one of these days seeing as how many people have them and posted in this thread
Quote: Originally Posted by regal I had both the AV710 and the DAC-I-A-B. The AV710 was slightly better. The DAC-I-A-B had the stereotypical in your face cheap opamp sound. If you take a look at its construction (it is the size of a matchbox) you would realize right away that this is not a serious DAC. It may have some use if you didn't have AC but could still deal with the 12V battery. I have to disagree here. It all depends on system...
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I haven't tried it as a portable dac, so i can't comment there. But compared to the chaintech, there is no competition, the dac in the box sounds far better. The chaintech is good and sounds better than the price i paid for it, but the dac in the box has better stereo separation and sounds warmer and less bright than the chaintech. I use both for different applications, so it all depends on what you want.
wow, 17khz was the stopping point for me. Great thread
Here are some really great examples of binaural recordings. They are freakishly good
Two thumbs up
Tim! This is great news! I'm happy that you've made it. Good Luck with the next 4 or more years Maybe a little Athens celebration?:P
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