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Quote: Originally Posted by rincewind I can see why it may be a shock that your multi-changer DAC sounds pretty much the same to you as your Zhaolu, if you've only been using one configuration or the other for a good while and hadn't tried the other. It may just be that they use similar topology, which I think, after general construction and power quality is the biggest deciding factor in a DACs sound signature and quality (two different things!). The...
Chris, i know what you mean. I compared my zhaolu with my dac in the box and didnt noticed much of difference. The zhaolu had maybe 5 percent better detail, but it wasn't enough for me to warrent keeping it. So i just stuck with the cheaper dac. I think source is important no doubt about that, but the higher you go imo, you just end up in the land of diminishing returns. Just my two cents.
Quote: Originally Posted by camille ooh, i'd like to know how that album was, i have yet to pick that up.. I love it. Its really a chill and laidback album. A little mysterious sounding at times, but its great to listen to on rainy nights and when you just want to kick back and relax. Her vocals are amazing and the jazzy(dianna krall inspired) make for a very inviting atmosphere. Gravity and The Tower are two songs i enjoy the most on the album. I...
God, i loved the 80s!
Quote: Originally Posted by Voltron Yes, cranked all the way. I could not recommend the stock DarkVoice for the K340 because you cannot get enough volume. The new Sylvania helped the sound but not the output. The question is still whether these other tubes being played around with have the power to drive the K340s. I'll walk over and see their progress. Wow, i have never heard anyone say that the darkvoice cannot drive the k340s or give them...
Just a couple in the last few weeks. Yo Yo Ma - Silk Road Journeys Vienna Teng - Waking Hour
A Perfect Circle - What's going on?
718 posts, 2 some odd years with head-fi, a beating on my wallet, the level of enjoyment i am recieving right now = priceless
bah, can't believe i'm still up. It is finals week for many college students.
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