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Quote: Originally Posted by Fitz When did those SR-Xs appear? I'll upload my pics in just a minute. lol, those were accidentally uploaded. Unfortunately these were not at the meet today, but at least they went to a nice headfier in norway
Quote: Originally Posted by a1rocketpilot Hey guys, please post your meet impressions here! Overall we had a very good meet and lots of great equipment. I have to go somewhere now so my impressions will come a bit later. Aditya Whoops, didn't see your post. LOL, how about we make the impressions thread here instead?
Har Har, let the posting impressions begin! Here are some pictures to get yall started.
Best Ramen Noodles in the world. I love spicy noodles How i prepare the noodles: 1) Boil Water 2) Add Seasoning and Vegetable Packet 3) Add 1 or 2 eggs 4) Let Seasoned concoction boil for a few minutes 5) add noodles 6) Done, serve and eat. Yummy in my Tummy!
Kai was a great guy to deal with. I sold him my stax srx with srd-7 setup and he was very quick to respond and pay for the item. Communication was great throughout and overall, the transaction couldn't be anymore smoother. Thanks Kai and enjoy the stax headphones
Happy B-day!
Im still in as well and will definately chip in some moola. Equipment i'm bringing is listed in my sig.
I found this really helpful when recabling. Check it out
University of Georgia 1) Operating Systems CSCI4730 2) Database Management CSCI4370 3) Geography of Commodities GEOG3670 4) Contemporary Native American ANTH3470 5) Nutrition NUTR3000 After this is over, im graduating YAY =P
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