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What? I didn't get an invite?! Looks like you guys had alot of fun. Maybe, i can come next time around.
Try searching for the elusive K4 electrostat/dynamic. I know lan has one and he really enjoys them. You can also check this website if you want to check out the whole akg line. However, i am not sure if its the whole thing. http://headphones.warzone.org/
I sold Matt my dac in the box aka dac 67 and he was a great person to deal with. He asked all the right questions and the transaction could not of gone any smoother. He is a class act and a definite recommendation from me. Thanks Matt.
still available, comes with two toslink to mini adapters.
I am selling a 6ft Glass Toslink cable that i bought on ebay awhile back. It still performs as new since the first day i got it. I lost the end connector protectors, but put some of my other ones i had left over on them. I am selling due to a downgrade in my system and possibly getting out of the headphone business for awhile. I am looking for Sold anywhere in the United States. Paypal is okay and i will eat the fees. Thanks, Minh
Well, i hate to let this thing go as it served my system well, but due to a drastic change in my lifestyle, i haven't been listening to my headphones at all. So i hope this dac goes to someone who deserves it more than i do and will give it more listening time. I bought this new from Eddie Wu about 6 months ago and it is still in great shape sound and looks wise. I am looking to sell it for sold to anywhere in the United States. Paypal is okay and i will eat the fees....
Vienna Teng - Waking Hour
I've been on head-fi for awhile now and i have come to figure out my own taste in sound and preferences. All headphones have their own unique characteristics and sound and i feel i am not the one to judge which one sounds better or which headphone beats another. Like i said, they are unique in their own way and one person may prefer one over the other. (including bose) Anyways, today i am going to strictly give my impressions of the w5000 and modded w5000. These headphones...
New Posts  All Forums: