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You can beat it Rick! We believe in you.
David is an excellent online buyer. I sold him my modded akg 340 and darkvoice tha336 combo. He knows what he wants and asks all the right questions. He paid promptly and the transation went smoothly. Communication was great throughout. I highly recommend David for any future transactions.
Bought an Asus EEEPC, love this little bugger.
Still available guys, i think this is a pretty good deal considering the tubes thrown in the package
bump, anymore interested parties?
Morning bump, packaged deal with modded akg k340. IM me for details.
Morning Bump, willing to negotiate. No low ballers though please.
Hey guys and gals, looking to sell a modded akg k340 which i have modded myself and has served me well over the years. I absolutely loved this headphone and it gave me endless hours of audio bliss. It is in good condition with minor cosmetic flaws. The minor cosmetic flaw is seen in the top headband where there is a small nip due to me accidently touching it with a soldering gun, but this is minor and does not affect audio reproduction at all. I have modded the headphone...
Hello, i am looking to sell an orginal Darkvoice THA336 headphone amp. It is in prestine condition physically and sonically. I have had this amp for about two years and it has served my audio needs beautifully. Reason i am letting it go is due to my lack of interest in high end audio these days. I have enjoyed this amp while i had it and want it to go to a great home. This amp will go great with any headphone and especially suits well with an AKG K340 which i am selling as...
whoohoo, glad i stumbled back into headfi and after an 8 month hiatus, i'm ready for some headphone nirvana Thanks for the message fitz about the meeting. I will try my best to make it. Pretty much everything in my sig is what i am bringing minus a few sources. Still have my amp, k340, and sony electrostat which i will try to bring. Happy Listening Yall.
New Posts  All Forums: