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hello all, would the Fiio M3 be an upgrade from the X1?  or should I look over for a X3 second generation? I like the M3 because it is tiny.  I primarly listen to music with my X1 with my old RE-262 from Hifiman
thanks for the tips guys.  I am really tempted to buy the k550 which I can get at 345$CAD in a store in Montreal.  But the momentum are also tempting because I can get em at 30$ less than the k550.  But for the price difference, the AKG seems so much better
Hello everyone, I would like something to replace my Grado SR225i.  The reason why is that I am more and more listening music in the same room as my wife watch tv.  I love my grade but, first I had to replace pads to get them more comfy.  And since the sound leak so much, the wife is always yelling to turn down the volume!   I would like to buy a pair of full size headphone, comfortable (I wear glasses) and my budget is max 500$CAD (probably around 400USD ish).  I...
Did you pay customs?
thanks twister6, your review was very nice to read!  Now I am tempted to buy one unit
wow count me in of course.  the 292 are still the IEM I'm using every damn days! great products, good to see free gifts from HifiMAN!   following you on facebook and twitter of course!  
my filters are brand new as I have received a replacement unit from hifiman
it is weird because the only way I can re-balance the sound if pluging the white one.  With the black normal one, it doesnt work.  I dont have any third cable anyway, it does work with the white one and as I said, I dont care if the sound doesnt come from the correct side, as long is the sound is equal!
I have the issue with and without the cable extension.  However, because of your point, I was thinkg about the white cable extension I had in the box.  I changed the normal black one with the white one and the problem is now gone!  So the problem is the normal black cable extension.   But now, I am stuck with music going in the oposite side!  I don't really care as long as these earphones working   thanks for the tip
as much as I love my 262, I wanted to buy the 400 but had to return the 262 because no sound was coming from the right sidw. now with the brabd new ser I received by mail, The right side is very low compared tothe left side! i just dont want to return them avain, no more hifiman for me
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